DoD has Best Recruiting Year Ever Since Draft

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone else see a problem here in that reports suggest there is an increase in departures of junior officers and NCOs due to op tempo and a sense that the wars will be concluded one way or the other and sooner that later.

  2. the end of the article seems to suggest that civvie people think operations have slowed down or decreased in intensity but i will guess that the recession is the main factor for the increased uptake of applicants. britains experienced similar I believe.
  3. Spot on
  4. ROTC enrollments have doubled over last year according to the college newspaper here.
  5. That is the situation at the large university where I teach with Army and Air Force ROTC doing well. I wonder how much of it is due to the economy however?
  6. It has to be said that the recruiting campaigns of the Army, Navy and particularly the Marine Corps are as slick as the GI Bill and other remunerations are generous. I suspect that recession certainly plays a part as does the drawing-down in Iraq. It will be interesting to gauge US public opinion if casualties in Afghanistan continue along the tragic path of the last couple of days.
  7. It can not be a useful situation to be losing trained J.N.C.O.'s and Junior Officers,even if recruitment is high.A soldier who goes in just to have a job is almost an economic refugee rather than a true volunteer.While the reality is that the need for a wage has always helped to bring them to the recruiters door it has generally been other,often less realistic desires that have made them stay.It has often also been remarked that it is easier to get men to go to war than go back to it.Given that very few specialisms in today's military can be described as simple this is cause for review rather then contentment.
  8. In talking with a friend still on active duty as a Marine recruiter, he says there is a perceptible uptick in the number of young people coming in to discuss enlisting after such mass casualty incidents. He also says they are having to queue prospects up due to the numbers they are getting. Our local marine officer recruiter says he will fill his FY2010 (starting 1 October) quota (SE region of the US) by the end of CY2009.
  9. Fortunately, at least for now, the "buyer's market" the military finds itself in allows it to still be fairly selective (in terms of entry level test scores and high school graduation) and demanding in terms of basic training. Even more important, the more selective units (Army 10th Mountain, 101st, 82d Abn, SF, Marines) that tend to send the highest percentage of troops for Afghanistan, are even more demanding so as to cull out those who are merely economic refugees.