DOD Announcs Recruiting/Retention Data for Nov. 2009

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. DoD Announces Recruiting And Retention Numbers for November 2009

    The Department of Defense announced today its recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for the month of November 2009.

    · Active Component.

    · Recruiting. All four active services met or exceeded their accession goals for November 2009.

    · Army – 7,063 accessions with a goal of 6,858; 103 percent

    · Navy – 3,291 accessions with a goal of 3,291; 100 percent

    · Marine Corps – 1,789 accessions with a goal of 1,780; 100 percent

    · Air Force – 2,894 accessions with a goal of 2,894; 100 percent

    · Retention. The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps all continue to exhibit strong retention over the first two months of fiscal 2010.

    · Reserve Component.

    · Recruiting. Four of the six reserve components met or exceeded their accession goals for November 2009. The Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are currently projected to come in over their budgeted strengths, and have reduced their November accessions accordingly.

    · Army National Guard – 3,335 accessions with a goal of 4,322; 77 percent

    · Army Reserve – 2,741 accessions with a goal of 2,009; 136 percent

    · Navy Reserve – 631 accessions with a goal of 597; 106 percent

    · Marine Corps Reserve – 727 accessions with a goal of 579; 126 percent

    · Air National Guard – 534 accessions with a goal 700; 76 percent

    · Air Force Reserve – 758 accessions with a goal of 457; 166 percent

    · Attrition. Losses in all reserve components are within acceptable limits.
  2. funny when a recession is on people appreciate the military side of life
  3. No doubt the economy is a big issue but in fairness, many of these categories showed similar success even during the boom times.
  4. True enough, though it'd be interesting to see if the percentage of HS graduates has improved or the number of conduct waivers issued (drugs/criminal records etc.) has fallen.
  5. I agree. I had heard the Army was accepting a relatively larger percentage of non-HS graduates with GEDs but do no know if it is true.
  6. Army & Air National Guard have done badly against their goals, compared to the Army & Air Force Reserves. Are there any particular reasons for this? Was it just an unusual month?
  7. When troops are retained on the active duty side that means there are fewer veterans moving into the ranks of the National Guard and Reserves. ETS'ing troops have traditionally been a prolific source for those recruiters.
  8. Also, the problem is worst in terms of experienced leadership shortages in reserve and NG in that junior NCOs and officers are staying on active duty and not migrating to the reserve and NG.
  9. Plus there's a realisation that if you join the Guard, you're probably going to get deployed, so you might as well just go active duty for the first couple of years and get it over with whilst retaining many of the benefits.