DoD and CIA Want "Leaks" on OBL Op to End

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, May 19, 2011.

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  1. If it was not already grotesquely apparent that our Masters are using this for crass political reasons to milk every benefit for His re-election by leaking information that no sane government would, there is this:

    Gates, Mullen appeal for end to disclosures of Osama bin Laden raid details - The Washington Post

    IMHO, this shows at best gross ineptitude by our Masters as to the effect of such disclosures on future operations and how it violates even the most basic tenet of not disclosing means and methods of such operations, but worse, and far more likely, it is a conscious effort to re-create Him into a strong leader on national security (and try to reverse the dramatically sagging opinion polls about how well He is doing) and to keep the media focus away from the continuing horrible economic news.

    We could well take a page from the UK playbook for such special operations--"we do not comment on our special forces" PERIOD

    Even the politicians and the media in the UK seem to honor this.
  2. Seems to have worked, JJ. Of course, he has a long way to go and anything can happen between now and November next year. But there's no doubt that taking the Bin out is the best thing that's happend to him since he got the job. Indeed, it's arguably Obama's only solid victory in three and a half years. I don't pretend to to be an expert on American politics, but it seems that until now, Obama's only real achievement was to not be George Bush...
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  3. Reporting different stories post the event didn't really help their cause though did it?
  4. Obama didnt do anything to catch OBL, he was merely just top of the chain of command.

    Was he out in ****ing deserts and shanty little villages with a burka on tailing OBL's henchmen?
    Was he manning listening posts recording information?
    Did he personally beat the information out of terror suspects?
    Did he jump out of a helicopter in the middle of the night and slot OBL with a rifle?

    NO HE ****ing DIDNT
    The fact he was president at the time has **** all to do with anything

    *rant over*
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  5. Our media here managed to obfuscate that little detail in their role as His propaganda arm.
  6. I posted this in a different context but I think shows the disconnect between what you rightly observe and the way He sees it and the virtual "national epic" trying to transform Him into a Beowulf type figure worthy of Viking folklore.

    Contrast the differences between the (evil, incompetent, stupid etc. etc.) GW Bush and Him (also a Nobel laureate mind you):

    (my bold)


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  7. He made it the top priority of the US, so in a very real sense, he did a great deal to catch OBL.
  8. To be more accurate.
  9. Did he? IMHO one idiot just carried on where another left off. It just happens Bin Laden was caught under Obamas shift.
  10. To be fair to Him, most of our politicians like to take credit for good things and find a convenient scape goat for the bad. Of course, in His case, if you survey his speeches and other public pronouncements, He usually uses such hyperbole to whatever subject He happens to be referring at the time. I suppose "top" in terms of priorities is a term of art.
  11. Colonel I bow to your superior.
  12. Cameron is a jolly nice fellow, he held a door open for a old lady yesterday.

    (actually it was me but seen as though Cam's in charge, he should get the credit)
  13. Only when I'm right of course. ;-)
  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I have to say 'your bold' is exactly what struck me as noteworthy in that address (other than the actual news, of course).
  15. You can also assume that this was carefully crafted as are all His other prepared tele-prompted statements.