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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ilikechips, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Just a rather quick one, in theory should my admin office be all over things like a tramp on chips *cough* then all I should need for claiming GYH is mortgage documents with my name on, council tax, and one other bill or would it just be the council tax and mortgage?
  2. Council tax, mortgage, utility bills.

    I'm off to kill myself.


    Are your clerks that shit? Or are you that ******* lazy?
  3. I showed Council Tax, a utility bill and (just for good measure) proof I'm on the electoral roll.

    No need for a mortgage agreement, surely? What if you're renting or not on the mortgage agreement..?
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if his clerks are shit...just look how we've got a disagreement of how people apply the regs already! ;)
  5. Mortgage or utilities have nothing to do with it - what if other sorts them out (with your cash)??

    Council tax is good enough.

  6. I've got my Civvy Clipboard and my proffed pen, and your name is on my Shit List.

    Run whilst you can. I won't be pleasant forever.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I showed my clerk (hot little thing that she is) a picture of my knob.

    I wasn't trying to claim anything but I'm rather proud of it.
  8. No it's not.
  9. I only ask because I'm on leave at the moment and its hard enough to track them (the clerks) down even when I'm in barracks.
  10. I wondered why that hot little clerk was walking up the corridor giggling away and muttering "I know it's cold out there but that's just ridiculous".
  11. So what is then ?
  12. I've already told you, cloth-head.
  13. sorry to jump in with my own problems but, i have just been posted to itc catterick a posting i didnt ask for or want however am enjoying whilst married with 3 kids unaccompanied. my wife and kids are currently lodging at a house we are planning to buy in the next six months and this is where my problem lies, where we are lodgers and share a kitchen with the landlord i am unable to get on the council tax bill by the rules of that council as the land lord is responsible for paying it as he lives there, i still have to do the journey of 600 miles round each week to see them as moving them up with me would be detrimental financially and i dont want to move the kids from the good schools they are in for a posting that may only turn out to be 12 months instead of 2 yrs. the fuel bill is crippling us even with a diesel but not as much as if the wife left her job and moved up. but due to not having a council tax bill and only a lodgers agreement and contract stating council tax is included in the rent i am being told that i cannot claim anything to help with the situation is this so or is there anything i can claim to aid with costs? . hope that makes sense and thanks in advance for any help on the matter