Documentry QDG on Telic 8.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by YANTOFULPELT, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. The BBC have just finished a documentry as per the title. It goes out on BBC1 Wales Wednesday 8th November at 2240 hrs UK time.
    People with Sky can get it in their channels.

    Looks pretty good. Those who can't sorry.
  2. Yanto hello, check out the Ginger guy commanding the WIMIC ! See you at Juries ?
  3. I will watch, ta for the heads up.
  4. Was it any good YANTO? Not got Sky so couldnt watch it.

    Pave it's WMIK you bloody show off! Hope you had on plenty of SPF 30+

  5. anychance anyone with tech skills can upload to googlw video?
  6. Some pictures here...

  7. I thought the program very good and look forward to next weeks show.

    A question I have is what’s the deal with the bays badge worn on rank slides? I see that some corporals had it above their two chevrons and other corporals did not. What is the circumstance where a bays badge is worn and is it worn by other ranks other than corporals?
  8. QDG L /pcls have two stripes and no Bays badge, Full Screws two stripes and the Bays Badge above them, All ranks above Full Screw upto WO 2 have the Bays badge above their chevrons - S / Sgts (SQMS) have 4 stripes and not the usual three.
  9. Could have sworn I seen one stripes! Attatched peeps?

  10. SQMS 4 Strips and a Crown
    SSgt 3 Strips and a crown
    Sgt 3 Strips
    Cpl 2 Strips and a Bays Badge
    LCpl 2 Strips only
    Attached arms LCpl wears one strip only.

  11. Yes, a LCpl with 1 Stripe will be an attached arm. QDG make all attached wear rank slides with QDG at the bottom rather than their corps rank slides.
  12. No they don't always. Only Cpl's have the Badge above when in green.

    Only in two and blues is the Badge above the strips for Cpl/Sgt above for S/Sgt and SQMS it between the crown and strips and WO's above the badge.

    Minor corrections only.

    Did enjoy the docusoap though. Even Spook came over quite well. Met some of the guys last week in the Trazz and they are still chipper, proud and most of all a QDG Family after a sadly tragic tour. Looking forward to reunion and the next two episodes.
  13. Spook came across well, but I can't believe how more pronounced his accent is these days. Do you think the Axe is in his office this morning?
  14. Sharpening his "Axe" for this weekend, Minsky's on Friday and Saturday night in Cardiff.

    Perhaps his accent is in preparation for the next Op. Zimbabwe!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Check your PM's mate.

    Thanks for clearing up the bays badge and combat dress YANTOFULPELT. So a SQMS wears four stripes and a crown on his rank slide in green?