Hi, im currently at university studying documentary film making and working on the proposal stages of a documentary that will be screened at a series of film festivals over the summer. We are planning to produce a documentary that’s key focus will be not be to involved in the global politics of the "war on terror" and all its associated campaigns, but instead just to focus on the effects and demands it places on our soldiers and how they deal with it. What we are hoping to achieve is that whether people agree with our governments actions or not, you still support the troops as people and not statistics. What I was hoping is to get in contact with some soldiers who have served a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan who would be willing to help us with interviews or just give us short statements about how the feel serving in active combat affects them. So I was wondering if anyone would know of a good way to contact soldiers, or if in fact you think there are people who would be willing to do this at all.

Many thanks, and any advice at all would be appreciated


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