Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by natful, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi. We are currently developing an idea for a documentary in which we would look at the transition of returning to civvie street after a career in the army. This documentary is intended to be regionally based so we are specifically looking to speak to people that would be returning to live in Wales. We are only in the research stage of production at this point and nothing has been committed to be produced. By talking to us you are not committing to appear on television. We would obviously like to hear from people who would be interested in appearing on television at a later date but if you are just interested in talking to us about this subject and could suggest things we should be looking at and taking into consideration about this transition please feel free to contact us. No matter what your length of service has been, if you have left the army in the last few years or are planning to leave the army within the next year and would like to speak to us about it please feel free to contact Nathan on 02920 455 000 or email Many thanks.
  2. I left recently but live in the NE as opposed to Wales. However, Middlesborough looks ike Cardiff on any given day (just photoshop out the Transporter Bridge) and I can do a pretty good Welsh accent...... isn't it?
  3. Why not make a newsworthy documentary based on the fact that 3 soldiers from a Welsh-based Regiment have been killed on an under- resourced operation in Afghanistan in the last 12 months.
  4. Spoke to the original poster today. This is a genuine enquiry about Toms leaving the Mob. A number of related and current topics were discussed, so if you fit the bill or have something to say, pop him an e mail.