Documentary on SPUD , former SAS Trooper

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by boredcivvy, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Boy this makes me cringe as bad as some of the people who go on shows like Jeremy Kyle and Trisha.

    Being a former Paratrooper and one of 'them', you would of thought he would have more self respect to appear on Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men. Self imposed ego boosting at its best (or worst?)

    Still pretty interesting though!
  2. Was pretty interesting; what was the score with his weapons though - deacts and blank firers? and the slr he used in the falklands, was it common practice to be allowed to keep your weapon afterwards?
  3. nigel 'spud' Ely, read "for queen and country" his book, fcuking good read.
  4. Also wrote abook under the name Steve Devereaux, IIRC.
  5. I wouldn't judge Spud too harshly. I reckon the producers, including the Dyers throbber, make it pretty clear what they want to hear, are presumably expert handlers of their performers, and some creative editing can make a bloke seem very different on the screen.
  6. Well whatever, he may 'appear' to be....the guy is the real deal. I read for 'Queen and Country' a few years ago and thought it was a cracking read.
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  7. His drills were ace,notice how he used the reporter as a fecking sheild :D
  8. Met Spud in Basrah in 2003 after he had been embedded with the USMC throughout their assault on DadsBagh... Top Bloke and was highly respected by all 'them' who knew him of old working with him out of Basrah back then, ... during my time with them there I don't think I went 10 minutes without a brew in my hand! (thanks mostly to the former 22 chopper pilot who was the watch keeper!) well looked after... thanks guys, a darn sight more than I can say for the 53 Fd Sqn management who lived across from us and, although we were invited by a couple of old friends to their happy hour one Friday, the word came down from their management "No Civvies Allowed In Our Happy Hour" ... as a former Sapper it was embarrassing, thanks to the Signallers Bar across the road who were a bit more inviting...
  9. he states he had a fire fight in London, whilst looking after some rich Arab;

    but I thought private close protection officers could not carry firearms in the UK mainland? just members of the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Team etc??

    hasn't Spud just incriminated himself?
  10. Danny Dyre.... tough guy... come on.

    in part 2; 30 seconds of jogging about with a respirator on and he's whinging and taking it off. What a joke!
  11. He did not state that the SLR in question was the actual one he used in the FI.

    It was the same "type" of weapon he used in the Falklands.
  12. To be fair though, after all the running round with airsoft guns playing army, it get's pretty good. Fair play to them both.
  13. I agree, Danny Dyer is a luvvie actor who exagerrates his "cockerney" accent to try and sound like a tough geezer. The man's a prick.
  14. looked it up one the strength of this thread and got it for 19p used on amazon!