Documentary - Girls On The Frontline, BBC Three 25th March

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by s_connerArmyPR, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. [align=center]Girls On The Frontline

    Thursday 25th March, BBC Three 21:00[/align]


    Girls On The Frontline is a new documentary scheduled for broadcast on BBC Three on Thursday 25th March at 21:00.

    The programme follows a group of extraordinary young women on the frontline in Afghanistan, as well as their families back home.

    Officer Fiona, bombardier Adele, lance-bombardier Zanna and medic Holly are based just north of Sangin at a forward operating base called Inkerman. It’s been fired on so many times that it’s nicknamed “FOB incoming”.

    The documentary includes footage shot during one of the biggest artillery engagements of the war, and explores how these young women face the challenges of their tour in Afghanistan and living in a male–orientated environment. The documentary also examines how they change over time and reflect on their relationships back home.

    For more information, see Comments and reviews are welcome.

    Girls On The Frontline: Thursday 25th March, BBC Three 21:00
  2. Setting sky +
  3. s_connerArmyPR, you may want to remove the full stop at the end of your link as it invalidates it.
  4. Thanks for that!
  5. Is this one of those equality things?
  6. Amazing how it is Officer Fiona, bombardier Adele, lance-bombardier Zanna and medic Holly when talking about girlies but surnames for blokes.

    I guess so has it ever been for many - always used to p*ss me off.
  7. Also on exactly at the same time, different channels.

    Still not sure which to watch, record, etc.

    National Geographic Channel - Camp Leatherneck, Helmand


    Channel 4 - Air Hospital

    Incidentally, the OC of 99 Sqn (C17's) Wing Cdr Simon Edwards, is a really nice bloke, very approachable. His kids go to my kids school.
  8. Girls on the front line?

    It's great to see the RAF Regt getting their 5 minutes of fame!
  9. its called girls on the front line not gays ont he frontline mon brave
  10. The repeats for Camp Leatherneck: Helmand Province are;

    Friday 26th March at 12:00AM
    Saturday 27th March at 11:00PM

    You can now watch all three :)

  11. T'was never so when I was in, I was always referred to by my surname by those senior to me. The only time I ever heard the girls referred to by their first names was on the wards and then the blokes were called by their first names too.
  12. Can we have a programme on a couple of blokes, with kids, away from their wives?

    Spread across the army? ie teeth, combat support and support? maybe a medic, maybe a chopper guy

    maybe the signaller who keeps the comms in.
  13. M*A*S*H?
  14. Ross kemp in afghanistan?
  15. The cut and thrust of rkia was the infantry (particularly the Vikings).

    A spectrum would be nice, ie singlies, married, married mit kinder, old fcukers. from the spread of BSN, FOB Rats and the lads on the ground.

    How about an episode per person? A 30 min slot on what a Chef gets up to in 50 degrees of heat in a field kitchen would make hells kitchen look like the cookery bit on blue peter.