Documentary - For Queen and Country, BBC One Mon 7 Jun

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by s_connerArmyPR, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. [align=center]For Queen and Country

    Monday 7th June, BBC One 21:00[/align]


    For Queen and Country is a new documentary scheduled for broadcast on Monday 7th June at 21.00.

    The programme follows the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards as they prepare to lead this year’s Trooping the Colour. Having recently returned from a six month tour in Afghanistan on Herrick 11 they have had precious little time to prepare for the event, but must still meet the required standard to perform this prestigious role.

    The documentary includes footage from Afghanistan and the drill square, and tells the story of how one and a half thousand men and women join together to create one of the greatest military ceremonies on earth.

    For more information, see

    Comments and reviews are welcome.

    For Queen and Country: Monday 7th June, BBC One 21.00
  2. Why do the BBC feel the need to have a black soldier present in every shot of its advertising?
  3. Have added to my sky+, look forward to watching this, spent a year with the Grenadiers in Windsor , top bunch of people.
  4. equality targets ;) it is aunty beeb after all
  5. Except for viewers in Scotland who will have the delights of Hobly fecking City :x :x

  6. Thought this was about the documentary on NI - never mind, its on youtube :) Will still watch your offerings tonight.
  7. Those (Scots) with Sky can tune to BBC1 England regions in and around Channel 985 (I think)
  8. should be good even if the subject is a bunch of 'orrible gren's
  9. You have to admire the achievements of this regiment - from Helmand to Horse Guards in 9 weeks - and that includes the Presentation of Colours.

    Never before has the "Dual Role Concept" of the Guards been so magnificently portrayed.
    I hope this programme concentrates on the proper soldiering aspects of their service - namely London Soldiering.
  10. Your "dual role" argument was better.
  11. Wasn't it just! London soldiering, a bit like Laws ********!
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    *But only on Thursdays!
  13. Thought it was a good show, the Grenadier Guards must be feeling pretty full of themselves for having two major documentaries specifically about them in relatively quick succession.
    Good to see the Corps of Drums being shown as well, all too often dismissed as simple musicians by the ignorant.
  14. Just had a quick look on Iplayer. Looks good.
    Major General Cubitt was my Platoon Commander in February '81 when I got L/Cpl.
    Good on him. He was alright. Quiet bloke but switched on.
    Funny how we used to rival the other Regiments. Now I'm just immensly proud of them. Old age. :?
  15. Found it a good watch. Good balance in the portrayal of the two roles. At first I thought: Oh no, not that title, again... On second thought it describes the content better than in the zillion times it has been used in other docus/films etc.