Documentary about West Ham lads selling dusters 1983/4?

Does anyone remember a documentary on Channel 4 about 83 or 84 about some West Ham lads who were selling feather dusters door to door in the home counties? I'm not taking the piss,this was genuinely broadcast and it become a bit of a cult film .
One scene, in which gave me a reason to think it may of been a bit set up was when they run into a mob of Milwall "Bone Heads" trying to muscle in on the duster selling market in some posh English village ,and it all kicked off - yobbos running amok on the village green with broomsticks that they liberated from the local shop.
C4 did a "Where are they now?" film 10 years later. some of them had done well,others not so well. One was a photographer who had been on ops with the Foreign Legion,one was a rave promotor another was a taxi driver.

What the F UCK was it called though?
I think quite a few of them were involved in the ICF. I read Cass Pennants "Congratulations - You Have Just Met The ICF" a few years back and he mentions the film.
Brilliant! It's been years since I've seen that. Definetely a set up though.

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