Documentary about the KORBR in Berlin 1981.

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Abner Brown, May 27, 2011.

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  1. YouTube - ‪KORBR IN BERLIN 1981 (PART 1)‬‏

    A nice trip down memory lane for anybody who served in Berlin.

    The 'Dumbrians' serving as part of the Berlin Infantry Brigade at a fairly tense time during the Cold War.

    Apologies if it's been done before - a quick search didn't show it.
  2. Thanks for uploading that Abner.

    Curious that the KORBR used to have a blue beret & different stable belt colours - do you know when the change was introduced and why?

  3. Presented by Eric Wallace, is he still alive?

    Edit, just Googled and apparently not
  4. KORBR ceased to be in 2006 when they amalgamated with QLR and Kings. They are now the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment
  5. I knew that - but before amalgamation they had a khaki beret and different stable belt to the one shown in the doc. Equally, the Grenadier Guards they were exercising with had no blue-red-blue backing to their berets. Just curious really.
  6. C_C. I vaguely recall several English regiments and at least one Corps adopting the khaki beret in '82/'83 or thereabouts - perhaps the KORBR did too.
  7. Jeez, I remember those times - the KORBR were down in Monty, I think the CO had taken a 3-year full-time lease on the Ruhleben Fighting City as well. The Grens took an altogether more laid-back approach to Big City Soldiering and the 1st and then the 2nd Royal Irish Rangers essentially spent their tours on the piss.