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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Green_Garfield, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. I'm off to the sand pit soon and need a good zip up water proof document wallet to hold personal admin doc's
    (ie passport, med doc's, weapon/res cards fmt600 check book that sort of stuff) I won't be carrying this off into the bondo before anybody asks.

    I've had a look in travel shops and they don't do very good ones.
    does anybody were is a good place to get such an item? :?

    I use a zip up plastic bag thing at the mo, it does the job but it isn't very tidy.
    any help will be great thanks

    P.s anybody used a crusder heater for the mug? any good? worth getting? cheers.
  2. I use a hardback A6 nirex, fits passport all mccp kit etc snugly. It doesnt zip up but I carry mine around in my pocket and nothings fallen out.
  3. that picture of the fat kid is messed up by the way (in a good way 8) )
  4. I alw2ays found a ziploc to be fine.Just reinforce it's edges with green tape,its free after all.
  5. Ziploc's always break on me, maybe its my penis fingers.
  6. Wow! That sound great, in my day we just used to get on with the business in hand and not fart about with gadgets.
  7. fair enough, But its big help if your admin is in order and all together.
  8. :roll: Yeah nice one twizzlehope a reet proper gadget that. My next hi-tech purchase will be a cloth sack with rope shoulder straps attached, to carry kit on my back. God bless the technological age.

    P.s how are your new wooden teeth?
  9. take one empty IV bag (try theatres) cut off bottom, dry inside, put whatever in, roll up open end, bit of duct tape and bingo! costs nothing bomb proof heavy duty water proof bag. OK a bit blue peter, but works...

    standard bags are 1L but there is also a 3L bag used for urology.
  10. Are you taking the pi$$? :D
  11. The Ortlieb A6 bag did me fine for 6 months and is still in use

    The lower tech, less hardy solutions work just as well, but may need replacing during your stint.

    £10 dry bag, nirex wallet or £1 box of sandwich bags - the choice is yours
  12. cheers guys just wondered if therewas anything fancy out there i could use, I stick to what i've got.
  13. Yes. Magic bit of kit. Takes up little space in you webbing under your waterbottle and can run on hexi, trioxane (sponge them off the yanks, they're great!) or alcohol gel fuel. I've got a Trangia, a civvy gas stove, a Jetboil and a Hexy telly, but the one I use the most is the crusader. The others were a waste of money in retrospect, even the jetboil!

    I keep all my docs (F2899,7257,FMT600 etc;) in an A6 Nyrex, inserted in a Webtex notebook cover/pouch thingy that zips all round. Not entirely immersion proof but does the job for me. I suppose a ziplock bag is the best answer.
  14. ortlieb bag is best on offer, can clearly see that all docs are there without wondering where the feck you last used them.

    Well worth the money spent ry field n trek or similere outdoors shops