Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jack-flash, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Took my health questionaire to my doctors to get it filled in and he said it could take six weeks cos he cant spare twenty mins to fill it in. I am very suprised, I thought he would not be playing so much golf with all this rain we have been having. :p

    Anyone else had a problem with their GP's?
  2. I have to take mine in next week, they only get £60 for filling it in, not even enough for a round at the 19th mate!!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Remind him who pays his wages and tell him to get a grip.

  4. That's a pity mate. I took my medical forms in on Monday and he did them there and then, plus he let me take them away (had to get optician's form attached) which was a double Brucey bonus.

    £65 for literally 5-10min work. Alright for some!
  5. Hi guys,

    Im a bit confused... I had my medical at my local TAC last Monday. Will I also have to get any paperwork signed off by my GP? I got the impression I was all done and dusted as the MO at the TAC signed me off as Fit to Deploy?
  6. why don't you see another doc at the practice then.........sure he/she would be glad of the extra dosh.
  7. Christ! £65 to sign and stamp, It only cost me £15 a pop two years ago and I got a voucher for free eye test.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    And who funds the NHS? Do try and keep up.
  9. i submitted my med forms to the doc 4 months ago and just got the ok for adsc next week after them telling me ''oh we've sent them'' ''oh wait we haven't''

    i have to say docs aint the most organised or bright species in the world
    (only from past brushes with docs)

    note; the views referencing doctors as a peculiar race are not the direct views expreshed by el individual and shoodny be takin intae a fence, we fuly support diversity for doctor types, over and oot.
  10. I was under the impreesion the Forces paid the £65
  11. Yes the force do pay the 65. Going to call him tomorrow and find out if he has done it yet.
  12. Had similar problem,went to Civvie Medics for enlistment medical. Was told verbally that I had passed. Informed my recruiter who the processed my application. I was then given a date for my attestation,but the day before, the recruiter rang me and told me not to attend the attesation as there was aproblem with the medical paperwork from the civvie medics........It seems that the Doc had signed the form but had NOT said "Fit for Duty",so I waited a week and have since found out that I can still enlist but when??????
  13. And who funds you exactly? It goes both ways. And Doctors pay a lot more of their income in tax to fund the Army than the other way around... Plus they have to study for 6 years to get there.

    People in this country should remember they are lucky there IS an NHS and treatment is free at the point of service. If it were private like America you would die not being able to afford any kind of health care. The reason they charge so much for the forms is because:

    a) it is a private charge - this is not NHS work and they are neither obliged to do it nor obliged to provide it at an affordable price. If it is private then they can charge whatever they please.

    b) they want to stop people wasting their time by booking appointments to sign forms - just think of the lost medical appointments for people who actually NEED their help if you take into account the number of people who go to their GP to get their forms signed across the country.

    There is some food for thought!
  14. What is supposed to happen is your GP fills in your RG8 medical form, then you see the MO and get medicaled. If you've seen the MO, then you should be done, but you have to get your RG8 done first.

    Then again, the Army is a bureaucratic diasaster, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was overlooked.
  15. Sounds like the Army could use some sort of SLA to cover this. And there's no excuse for a six-week wait. None of my (private sector) clients would accept that: they'd go to someone quicker.

    Yes, but at least he turned up for his £65's worth. The GP's real problem is all those malingerers who make apointments for man flu and don't turn up, not would-be soldiers needing a form signed.