Doctors with a god complex

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bushmills, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    Never had much to do with the medical profession but am currently on a project involving a lot of medical doctors.

    The ones I have to deal have the biggest egos in the history of humanity and the common sense of gnats.They also operate from an assumption that their medical credentials make them the font of all wisdom on all fields of human endevour including law, accountancy and human resources.

    I figure that you guys must be experts in dealing with these ego-maniacs so any practical tips welcome as I should imagine that army doctors are even more precious.

    I can now see why MSO posts are not popular.
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  2. Doctors are all smug bastards.

    A local German doctor I know spends all his time pissing off his patients with how little money he earns, how he can hardly afford to treat them, how tight the funding is for his practice, how long the hours are, but he only works three days a week having a large big game shoot nearby and every year he jets off to Africa to shoot elephants etc.

    I can smile though, whenever he's away and that is often, I'm doing his missus!
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  3. I can't wait for Grey Mafia to post her thoughts....
  4. Serious suggestion - surely Harold Shipman would be top of the list?
  5. They are a lot better these days, years ago we weren't allowed to talk to a consultant until you'd reached the rank of Sister/Charge Nurse. Anyone under that rank had to hide in the sluice during his ward round after you'd arranged the flowers, tidied locker tops, made sure the ward was clean and the patients were presentable.
  6. The good old days before the rise of hospital-acquired infections . :)
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  7. Or as my missus used to say, when she worked in the NHS:

    What is the difference between a Surgeon and God?

    ..........................................God doesn't believe she's a Surgeon!
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  8. I wonder if thats the same twat who used to shoot geese n duck at Sennelager. He had a Merc with gun racks built into the boot and he always got the prime stand on the shoot. Being on the same lake as him during a shoot was like being a target on a 12 bore range, shot raining down all over whilst his chauffeur reloaded his guns with lightning speed.
  9. GP's are the worst. Hours and hours of sitting in front of moany regular hypocondiracs tends to make them IMO cynical and lazy.

    My eldest sone was fobbed off on four occasions over blood in his faeces, with them claiming it was just a split sphincter (Yeah Yeah whatever!) but after some perseverance and two operations later, it was discovered he had a polyp the size of an adult thumb in his small intestine.

    I took my youngest son to see a GP at the weekend who wasn't his own, because he had a rash appearing all over his body. We believed it was because he had just started taking Amoxcilin, a known reaction, anyway, he gave us a new perscription and off we went to the local duty Chemist. When we arrived, my wife notriced that the it was for Flucloxacillin and explained to the Pharmacist what it was for. He called the doctor and after a brief converstion was pretty pissed off that the doctor couldn't give two fucks and just told to to perscribe something else. He too seemed pretty naffed at the doctors attitude of apathy.

    I know that the same GP prescribed, over the phone to a widow of a fellow Mason, medicine for a newly presented condition. He collected it himself from the chemist (in the health centre) and organised a taxi to take it to the patients (a friends mother) house without ever seeing her.

    I've never met a GP yet who isn't patronising arrogant **** and looks at you as a walking revenue stream.
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  10. As they become more senior their ego state becomes inversely proportionate - factoid.
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  11. To what?
  12. What do you mean 'to what'? It quite clearly says what it becomes inversely proportionate to. Which bit don't you understand?
  13. Ah, you are clearly more Menses than Mensa.

    Forget it.
  14. I think it's entirely due to how much they are paid, thanks to eager lobbying General Practitioners in the UK are some of the most over rewarded in the world. British Barristers are just the same but are marginally less incompetent.

    You want to see God though go to see a surgeon in the US, they'd hack the legs off you to make a quick buck and get back out on the golf course.
  15. I didnt know god couldnt speak English.