Doctors' Strike - First Of Many?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CaptainPlume, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Just taken a walk through a hospital. I saw a doctor with a natty embroidered armband saying "Caring For Patients And Supporting The Action".

    I'm sure they wouldn't go to this trouble for a one off. With conspiracy head on is it possible today's strike is the first of a series?
  2. Hopefully.
  3. On the plus side, if they maintain critical cover we'll get to see how many people actually need treatment and how many have those non-medical conditions, sloth and gluttony.

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
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  4. Two of our GP's are only seeing emergencies today and I'm really pleased that patients are supportive.
    I did have visions of an Indian and Pakistani stood outside looking a bit like Michael Foots in Donkey jackets, cooking sausages on a brazier.
    I'm going to ask my boss if he's happy employing commies.
  5. I would be keeping my head down with a 68k pension, not starting trouble.
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  6. How long do you think private providers will honour the pension commitments?
  7. Most private employers contributions can be reduced or removed at short notice, it is not a right of demand by the employee, it is considered a perk/bonus. Though there are very few, apart from ex public owned companies who still operate a final salary system, as it is just not sustainable in a commercial market.
  8. Michael Feet, surely?
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  9. Exactly - so how long do you think a £68k pension will last once the provisions of the Health & Social Care Act start taking effect?

    Not very long I suspect.

    By the way I don't care either way about Doctor's pensions, but I am rather hoping the H&SC Act fails miserably.
  10. We pay our GP's £74K, they won't get a £68K pension.
  11. Of course, you don't want a mutually agreeable negotiated settlement you just want the Government to keep giving away my money.
  12. Such emotive language.

    The government are taxing our income/wealth and using this to pay for social provision. They are not "giving it away" because in exchange for the employer contribution to pensions and pay they are getting in return very highly trained specialists who have highly limited discretion as to whom they treat.

    I don't care about the pensions of Doctors. What I care about is the motivation of government in making the reforms.

    The reforms have nothing to do with affordability for the public purse. Their sole function is to make the transfer of pension liabilities to private providers a more attractive prospect for the latter, part of their piece meal privatisation of the National Health Service.
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  13. Will still get a pension return that would not be possible with their contributions if they took out a private scheme.
  14. They had the option of a private scheme but if they joined the NHS scheme like me they weren't allowed to be in a private pension scheme.
  15. Hardly a difficult choice is it? They would probably have to have paid 3-4 times as much, with absolutely no guarantee of even getting back what you put in.