Doctors in the UK kill 30,000 per year.

The GMC is now overdue to be replaced with something a little more independant. Some of its rulings/justifications seem to imply its a doctor's right to practice medicine, regardless of how safe they are, and to protect the public by suspending would be totally wrong if it meant they had to lose their jobs.....
in defense of the NHS, some of the dead are quite deliberate...removal from the gene pool and all that!! We don't just MOAN about chavs, we irradiate them!
and how many are treated well, cured and sent home with no complications? A damn sight more.

Medicine is the only profession that puts such a great capacity for causing harm into the hands of men, with the implicit trust that they know what they're doing. In that vast majority of cases, they do.

However, I agree that some doctors have no right to still be practising. Funnily enough, very few, if any, of them are British. But I'm not allowed to say that out loud.

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