Doctors in the Gulf

Doctors called up to serve on military operations in Iraq are charging up to £1,000 a day for their services. The Ministry of Defence was forced to agree to the lucrative pay deals or face the prospect of sending troops to war supported by a dangerous shortage of doctors, surgeons and nurses.

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The following are the rates paid to locum doctors by the agency I work for

Doctors General Hospital/Prisons/Psychiatric Units
Grade - Hospital Doctors Rates of Pay Per Hour

House Officer £27.50

Senior House Officer £35.00

Senior House Officer - Speciality £38.00

Specialist Registrar SpR £40.00

Specialist Registrar SpR - Speciality £43.00

Staff Grade £45.00

Staff Grade - Speciality £48.00

Consultant £85.00

Consultant - Senior Specialist £100.00

Notes: Speciality = A&E, Anaesthetics & Psychiatry

General Practice - G.P's
Surgery - Per Hour £60.00

Visits:- All visits are additional to on call charge rates
Day: 8.00 am - 6.00pm £21.00

Evening: 6.00pm - 9.00pm £26.00

Night: 9.00pm - 8.00am £48.00

Half Day: - 4hrs: 2hrs On Call / 1 session 2 hrs £200.00

Full Day: - 8hrs: 4hrs On Call / 2 sessions 2hrs each £360.00

Day Retainer (On Call only 8.00am - 6.00pm) £17.50

Night & Evening Retainer (On Call only 6.00pm - 8.00am) £22.00

Weekend Retainer - based on patient size below 5,000 (On Call only Sat 12.00 Noon - Mon 8.00am) £780.00

The client has to pay the agency these rates plus a third, which is their commission!

The NHS is forced to pay these rates continually due to staff shortages.
As a lowly nurse I shall be earning £27.43 per hour tomorrow :D , that's working as a D Grade for the client - again the client will be paying a third on top as commission.
That's only £1.15 per hour for every year of experience I have!

Had I been living in the south of the UK I would be screwing them for £30.59 for a Sunday day shift.

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