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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ns0588, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    Im interested in joining the TA as a doctor. Am currently a 2nd year med student and 2nd year OTC.

    Once my time in OTC is up (in my 4th year) if I join a TA medical unit, what role will I have? Will I be able to become an officer at this stage, or do I have to wait until i graduate? If not an officer, then what role would I have?

    Also, realistically speaking, during postgraduate training, will i get to go on tours of duty, or do they make us wait until we're consultants?

  2. (post pub post) When I was with a field hospital, the docs usually became captains, as for opsunless you really wanna go or are needed you wont, on the whole , ex utc/doc types I have found very keen, good luck to you fella!
  3. go and visit your local TA RAMC, they will advise you best. Dont take too seriously any advice from UOTC, not that I am saying anything here but its best to get good advice from those that know.

    and in anycase UOTC are pink gin brigade!!!
  4. A friend of mine in a simlar position as you joined the TA RAMC as a Medical Support Officer rather than in a medical post; they got a different perspective on what their future role would be and learned a great deal about the way in which things can and do get done. Once they qualified they went back to RMAS for the PQO course.