Doctors Appointments? How do they work?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Is it just me or is it incredibly difficult to see a doctor these days?

    I'm not sure if it's always been that way as I've only needed to see a doctor for the first time - since I was about 15 - earlier this year.

    About Jan/Feb I suddenly became one of these people who suffers from Tony Soprano-style panic attacks. I'll be sitting around doing something mundane and suddenly be short of breath, have a pain in the left of my abdomen and, more-often-than-not, I'll black out. You can imagine this was a pretty serious issue when it started happening and I responded by going to A&E a couple of times. When I was seen there the first time it was written off and I was told to see my GP. Then it happened again a few days later and I collapsed at home. At hospital they ran a pile of tests, determined nothing was wrong (suspected it's just panic attacks) and again asked me to see my GP.

    When I was phoning up I was told to call again at 8.30am because that's the only time you get an appointment. After an hour on hold when I got through to a receptionist I pointed out that it was kind of an emergency and was called back later in the afternoon with an appointment for the next day thanks to a cancellation.

    Went to see the doctor, more tests, discussion about depression and getting more exercise and I was fine later. Things have been alright, I go the gym and swim regularly, make more time to go out with friends and I don't centre my life around working nights and make sure that I get plenty of sleep during the day.

    But my girlfriend and I have had to phone several times over the past year and whenever we do we either have to wait two to three weeks to see somebody or we have to call at 8.30am with what feels like a 20% chance of getting an emergency appointment. I called this morning and booked an appointment a fortnight from now because the pain in my abdomen is back big time and it's actually stopping me from walking around when it gets severe.

    Does anybody else have this trouble with booking an appointment to see a doctor? It seems that the only way to do it is to make an 'emergency appointment' and it seems that the surgeries encourage people to do this. So at 8.30am half the population is trying to book an emergency appointment.
  2. If you are ex-forces (i.e. a veteran) you can ask for a priority appointment.
  3. H3

    H3 LE

    if the pain in your abdomen is stopping you from walking as you say Id be passing by my local A & E !
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the A&E dept usually have out of hours or walk in doctors now which can be handy.

    what kind of tests did they do? its not likely to be appendicitis going by the way you are saying it hurts so it could be a hernia or even something as basic as a very lump bit passing through the bowel. I used to get crippling pains as a teenager which would last for hours yet never got taken to the doctor with it.

    try to remember diet and fluid intakes prior to the problem and see if you can find a pattern to it. also the region of the pain, does it move and what helps with the pain like massage or pressure, curling up, laxatives, hot baths or hot water bottles etc..

    it could be something like colitis or spastic colon and caused by too much gluten (white bread) so change to brown lumpy stuff and weetabix is good for it by adding additional fibre. my missus gets this when the ODs on pizza and ends up in bed for evening in agony which sounds like your issue.

    the doctor will give you a diet sheet and fibogel.

    and because this is Arrse - stop whining bitch and man up! :)
  5. Haha.

    It's not so severe that I think I'm dying. I was walting it up with the 'can't walk' pish . It was only tonight as I was walking down to work from the bus stop that I noticed that it was quite stinging, it got to the point where I could barely move my left leg forward. It's been gone all night so far. But it comes and goes as it pleases.

    It very rarely gets as intense as I mentioned before but when it does it can be quite excrutiating. I'd like to pop into A&E but not going to work means not getting paid and going to A&E usually means taking up time from someone who is actually severely ill whilst I might just have a slight build up in the colon or something silly like that. It's not hampering the way I live, just gets severe at least once a day and I'm still going to the toilet regularly without any bother.

    Point is, I'd like a doctor to check me out without mentioning the words 'exercise' or 'stable diet' considering I've spent the last 6 months working hard at the gym, eating better and off fags. I've already lost what I think is a couple of stone (though I'm not checking) and my flabby bit has shrunk significantly.

    Oh and I'm also wondering how to go about getting an appointment without waiting in an emergency queue or waiting two weeks only to actually find out my stomach is about to explode.

    RE: EODMATT - how do I go about proving the former forces thing? Does it actually count if you were TA?
  6. No idea, mate. Why not call the Veterans Agency:
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if your passing then pop into the a and e and ask if the out of ours doctor is free. if they have one that is but its pretty common now.

    if you have been losing a lot of weight then it could be the start of a hernia of you have been doing the wrong exercise and lots too much up front before building up the muscle around the intestines.

    stepdad did that after the cabbage soup diet. he needed magic pants for years after that.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    jarrod does a free prostate check is that any use?
  9. It's simple. The reason you have to wait weeks for an appointment is they're ******* useless and hope you'll either get better or die before the appointed day!

    I've got MS and as far as most (alleged) doctors are concerned that's the cause of every other medical problem I have. Broken leg? It's the MS. It really pissed me off!:pissedoff:
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I'd say that the OP is talking shit to engender some sympathy and have a whine about not being pampered on the basis of once having served in the military - I have no idea where his doctor is but mine - who is bog standard gp surgery - will have normally have a same day appointment - with a definite appointment guaranteed within 3 days - or they get shat on apparently - but you can't make an appointment for say next week for example.

    When my blood pressure for some reason or other suddenly went beserk a few years ago the GP saw me and I was squad marched off for tests including liver function, bladder function, diabetes you fecking name it and then was sent off to see the specialist the next week - by the way I wasn't even feeling unwell at this stage much less blacking out.

    So if you're really sick I suggest you go to the A&E or change your doctor - but frankly you sound as if you're talking shit and the whole - I go to gym regularly? Please pull the other one.
  11. I do go to the gym regularly. You got seen to mate probably because you're approaching middle age. Middle age with high blood pressure means you could be looking at something much more serious. Mid-20s (my age) with high blood pressure means you're a fat **** with no life and you need to get exercise. That's how the doctor responds to anything when you're a young guy. I was having big girly pass-out fits, it was put down to depression and a panic disorder. I'd started working night-shifts and spent 80% of my time eating crisps, smoking fags and reading ARRSE. Not good for somebody as young as me.

    After a wee bit of prowling through recommended websites and getting out of the house more, I was fixed. Exercise and a healthy diet was part of it. I WAS sent to a specialist. I went through a number of stress tests, got chest x-rays too just incase it was something more serious. Blood tests, heart monitors etc. All turned up fine. But the hospital wouldn't do those tests when I was coming into A&E - I had to see my GP first and that required bartering for an emergency appointment.

    My problem isn't what's wrong with me. I didn't start this thread to discuss my illnesses, I mentioned them because I didn't want to get some pish about being a big jessie for going to the doctor. My problem is that I have to wait either 2 weeks for an appointment or I have to phone at half 8 and stay on the line for an hour to get an emergency appointment for the next few days. The only other option is wandering into a hospital but what happens when I go in and find out there's not anything wrong with me? Which is what happened with the panic attacks.

    Maybe it's different, Schaden, just based on where you live. Maybe it's a less busy surgery. And I don't want 'ex-military' sympathy and never have. I was just curious as to how that thing actually worked. I don't think I qualify for anything remotely like that.

    That's the question I'm looking to debate: why is it so difficult now to get a doctors appointment? Is it because they always recommend that you phone for an emergency appointment and so that's what everybody does? Or are doctor's just incredibly busy in general now?
  12. Change GP.
  13. I'm currently under the doctor too, and find it's way better to actually go the the reception and make an appointment. The phone method is just crap. However, if your GP surgury has an on-line booking system, then give it a try and see if it works better.
  14. That might actually be a shout, Troy, it never even occurred to me. Cheers.
  15. Any lumps where they shouldn't be? of stinging when you pee? or you've pulled a muscle so put some ice on it or your've got the clap