Doctors and Nurses at War

I've just come across this series of programs originally broadcast in 2009 on ITV. You can download it at Login - UKNova, you need to register but it is well worth the effort. Hats off to these people, they don't get nearly enough recognition for their selfless efforts.

Doctors and Nurses at War
ITV, February 2009

In most Armed Forces, battlefield casualties are taken to hospital for surgery and treatment. But the British fly top doctors and paramedics straight out to the battlefield in a special military ambulance with armed guards - taking the ER directly into war zones to save time and lives.

In this three-part documentary series, Doctors and Nurses at War follows NHS trauma surgeons, paramedics and nurses who have volunteered for three months with the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan. The volunteers, members of the Territorial Army 203 Field Hospital Unit based in Cardiff, are all experienced trauma specialists.

Each episode focuses on different characters – following them through training, from their regular jobs in the NHS, to the battlefield.

The programme makers were given unprecedented, first-time access to Britain’s Field Hospital in Camp Bastion and its battlefield ER to follow a number of NHS medics as they experienced warfare – some of them for the first time.

Doctors and Nurses at War reveals all the tension and drama of one of the world’s busiest ERs, where the trauma specialists battle to save the lives of British Service men and women and Afghan civilians.

Narrated by Robert Lindsay.

Episode 1 - Baptism Of Fire
Spending three months helping to run Britain's military hospital at Camp Bastion, orthopaedic surgeon Hugo Gutherie and former children's nurse Sue James are shocked to come face to face with the young casualties of war.

Episode 2 - Life Versus Limb
Despite having practised with re-enactments in the UK, the NHS medics are not prepared for what they will see on the battle ground. Lt Col Pete Davis must keep the wounded alive until they can get to hospital and the care of Major Hugo Gutherie. Gutherie tries to help a marine who may have to have his second leg amputated.

Episode 3 - The Front Line
The NHS medics at Camp Bastion describe how wary they are of treating Afghan patients, fearing any of them could potentially be a Taliban fighter. When news arrives that a dozen people have been injured at the scene of a suicide bombing, the trauma centre workers' skills are pushed to the limit.
This the program with the clown of a TA Radiographer isnt it.
The whole unit was full of clowns , it was more like a circus at times. 203 Fd Hospital, it was the worst unit I`ve ever served with.

Rant over.... I feel better now.

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