Doctors and Nurses at War - ITV special

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dangerousdave, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. 3 part series starts on Tuesday 3rd Feb ITV1 @ 20:00 8)

    "In most Armed Forces, battlefield casualties are taken to hospital for surgery and treatment. But the British fly top doctors and paramedics straight out to the battlefield in a special military ambulance with armed guards - taking the ER directly into war zones to save time and lives.

    In a new three-part documentary series for ITV1, Doctors and Nurses at War follows NHS trauma surgeons, paramedics and nurses who have volunteered for three months with the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

    The volunteers, members of the Territorial Army 203 Field Hospital Unit based in Cardiff, are all experienced trauma specialists.

    Each episode focuses on different characters – following them through training, from their regular jobs in the NHS, to the battlefield.

    The programme makers were given unprecedented, first-time access to Britain’s Field Hospital in Camp Bastion and its battlefield ER to follow a number of NHS medics as they experienced warfare – some of them for the first time.

    Doctors and Nurses at War reveals all the tension and drama of one of the world’s busiest ERs, where the trauma specialists battle to save the lives of British Service men and women and Afghan civilians.

    Programme one follows the NHS volunteers as the complete their training, arrive at Camp Bastion and face their first challenges – from treating soldiers injured by landmines to victims of suicide bombers"
  2. I do hope this will be better than "Warzone"
  3. I wonder if they will show the signs they put up in welsh that proved offensive to the Afghans so had to come down again, or some of the nursing staff who waddled rather than walked to scoff. Still, they all did a fantastic job
  4. overweight nurses, nah i dont believe it!
  5. 203 Field Hospital Is THe University Hospital of Wales A&E Department Hellmond Branch
  6. At least they're getting some exercise 8O
  7. I may be fat but my Practice Nurse calls me cuddly
  8. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    It can't be any worse
  9. Getting a bit nervous! I was there when they were filming, and to me they were the most unprofessional bunch of cowboys ever (not that I like any of the Press) and I'm hoping that they do justice to all branches of the AMS, particularly the RAMC. Or at least it doesn't turn out like Warzone!!!

    Edited to correct spelling mistake! :oops:
  10. Unfortunately, there will undoubtably be some chimp on here coming out with arrse comments like "based at Bastion? 3 month tour? REMFs....etc etc" :roll:
    Hoping its not! :D
  11. New series looking at the work of NHS trauma medics who have volunteered for front-line duties in Afghanistan as the Parachute Regiment launches a spring offensive against the Taliban.

    Spending three months helping to run Britain's military hospital at Camp Bastion, orthopaedic surgeon Hugo Gutherie and former children's nurse Sue James are shocked to come face to face with the young casualties of war.
  12. Booked my seat.
  13. Can chilling, pizza ordered.
  14. Goatman

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