doctoring in the army

I'm a year 3 medical student still thinking about applying for a cadetship in RAF or Army, I'd appreciate any first hand experience anyone could pass on to me to help me make my mind up. I have heard a lot about how staff shortages have impacted on morale/training etc and was wondering if this has been your experience? was also wondering how a partner fits into this, ie how long are tours and how often do you get sent on them, and is there any element of choice in where you are based? also wondered how different the experience is depending on which force you join? Thanks a lot.
RAF sounds just the idea career move out of your two options, you could also consider what professes to be the senior service too. :help:
cheers sluice, know this must seem annoying to everyone else as there are loads of threads which are similar but have searched until blue in face but couldn't see any replies which actually give me the info am looking for
Gas_Monkey said:
Join the RN instead.
Yeh join the navy and take your turn in the barrel! :cuddle:

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