Doctor Who

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else feel cheated and conned after last nights "new" series starter?
  2. Yep me too, always liked Dr Who but Matt Smith is just tonk and last nights episode was crap. I think they should kill him off at the end of the series and bring back David Tennant as the next Dr, it could be a sort of regeneration hiccup!
  3. Sorry, loved it
    What did'nt you like about it?
    I like the way this doctor is more nutty, I'll bore off now
    Happy easter
  4. What gets me is people watching it today will never realise how much better Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were! David Tennant was good but those guys were awesome!!
  5. Diferent eras, Hartnell + Troughten are good to watch, alas the BBC had a storage problem so hey presto whats left is is left.
  6. DR Who and Torchwood are a f@cking nuisance, so far they have killed my girlfriend twice, I had to eat lunch with her one day while she was still in makeup with flashburns, blocked off the road to the pub numerous times, filled Wharton street with snow and giant inflatable Santas, and blown up the "Elli Jenkins" with a tactical nuke, its a f@cking nightmare living where they film, and don't get me started about f@cking Merlin those knights almost rode over me on the Taff trail
  7. It just seemed like a waste of a brilliant chance to get people hooked.Pointless "storyline" slow slow slow no suspense,no acting,no drama.....
    Shutting up now.
  8. True it left very few questions unanswered. Need a hook, though I do like matt I prefer Tennant. Could also do with being darker, I know the target audience is kids but it would be nice if it was a little more serious.
  9. Its got Karen Gillan in it. Nothing else matters.
    Doctor Who

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  10. 5'11" of redheaded Inverness lovliness!! Best companion yet!
  11. However muffing her fanny might look something like this!

  12. I care not! I practice on 9v batteries for the day I can go down on her coppery goodness.
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  13. It's a shame Karen Gillan is not representative of Gwar females as a whole!!
  14. I don't know theres a couple of decent ones I've seen of late
  15. it was great cant wait fer t next 1