Doctor slang is a dying art

There are loads of them on the web but my favourite is
ART - Assuming Room Temperature
Then there's the patient who, after pounding his GP's ears about his ailment (which was nothing more than a heavy cold), was told by the doctor that he had Ataloias Disease - it stands for 'Aye, there's a lot of it about'.
I've just realised, although in the Top Ten accessed on the BBC website, the date on this story is 18/08/2003!
BBC NEWS | Health | Doctor slang is a dying art

I do like the comment in the Wiki page linked by travelgal Medical slang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NFN - Normal For Norfolk (originating from Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. A badly structured hospital where doctors of low calibre end up).
I was always under the impression that it had been originally used by a North Norfolk coroner, but obviously someone who had trouble getting into UEA edited the Wiki page!


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Have also come across
Pain in the arse/neck

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