doctor question !

Hi all been ghosting the forum for a while now, but need a question sorting,

Right once you have been through ADSC and passed it all, then you go on to phase 1 basic is it still possible to get medically discharged because of some thing that will be on your civilian NHS records,

Or is it once you have been through ADSC and your medicals have been screened by the doctors is that you passed the safety line, as the army doctor has nothing to do with recruiting/the joining process?
If you are found to have deliberately not declared something that was on your medical records, providing it could affect your military career you are not invunerable to discharge, however if it was many moons ago for example and theres a chance you could have forgot about that.. who knows. Its just if you deliberately dont declare you have had a lung transplant for example.

why? Do you have a dicky ticker

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