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Hey guys, tryin to find out some information on this condition and the Army view of it. Its a fairly long story but please read it fully before you comment as i think you would need to know the situation before commenting.

Basically the situation started when i first applied to join the Army and attended ADSC Lichfield. Whilst there i obviously had a medical, as a result of this they discovered some microscopic blood in my urine, as a result i was deferred pending investigation. Which is totally acceptable as i also was worried i may have an underlying health problem.

I was sent for a few different scans that were at the request of the medical people at Lichfield, one using ultrasound and one using what i think was an MRI machine (the tunnel you slide into to be scanned). Both of the results of these tests were negative, as in nothing abnormal, so the renal consultant gave me a clean bill. This was not sufficient for Lichfield to let me redo Selection as they then requested i have a cystoscopy. This too came back with the result i was after, no problems found and a healthy functioning urinary tract. I obviously asked the consultant dealing with me what the next step was, he told me he was confident i had no underlying issues and that some people seem to get microscopic hematuria with no health problems, can be due to excercise etc and that he was suprised that the Army had insisted on all of these investigations.

All of these results were sent to Lichfield and they cleared me to go up again for selection. I passed and went to basic in January. The thing is i had another medical there and the doctor i saw wasnt satisfied for some reason. He sent me home on unit sick leave pending getiing cleared by another renal physician! I have an appointment very soon, but am worried now about how i can satisfy this doctor im healthy. I accept that when i submit a urine test there will usually be microscopic traces of blood but im no longer worried about health issues as it was ruled out by a consultant they sent me too

Any ideas what i should expect at my upcoming appointment?

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