Docs and stuff to bring to basic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jondelar, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Right, I've lost that booklet that tells you all the stuff you need to bring to CIC which in my case is up in Catterick. I'm not a complete dunce, I know I'm going to have to brinng birth certificate Driving License etc etc.
    it's the little things mostly and any other stuff you believe you would be handy. A full list would be nice.
  2. theres no point in me writing everything out, because most of the shit on my list i didnt even need anyway, you'll get like £120 on the first week, and the NAAFI shop will sell everything on that list.

    Make sure you have your passport photos, bank info, driving license, passport, etc. don't forget your undies aswell :p
  3. just an admin vortex?
  4. I would say there's always one but on this forum there's dozens.
    See I completely forgot about the 4 passport photos so a link or list would be nice please
  5. I didn't even get a book, or do you get one when you take the oath?
  6. From a booklet I picked up at my AFCO;

    "The Essentials; Documents."
    Birth Certificate
    National Insurance Card (If Held)
    Passport (If Held)
    4 x Passport Photos
    NHS Card
    Bank Account Number and sort code. You must open a bank account before arriving.
    Marriage Certificate (if you are married.)
    Birth Certificate of Children (If you have any)
    Driving Licence (if held)
    European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
    Any Civilian Qualification CertificatES
    Any Legal Orders Relating to Divorce, Custody, Change of name etc
    Details of any pending Court Cases.
  7. You forgot to add;

    Get out of Jail Free card
    Community Box
    Civil Partnership (license to bum)
    Paddington Bear "If Lost" tag
    Marmalade Sandwich
  8. Outdoor clothing, waterproof etc.
    Respectible civilian clothes suitable for going out.?
    (trousers,shoes,shirt, tie.
    swimwear,goggles. (trunks not shorts)
    toilet kit.
    comb,flannel,soap,shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail scissors, cotton buds, face cream, wet razor & shaving foam, not throwaway razors!

    alarm clock. battery
    basic first aid kit plasters etc.
    heavy duty bin liners.
    clothes brush
    two black biro pens.
    two pencils &rubber
    letter writing paper, envelopes & stamps
    hand washing powder.
    sports swearshirt.
    training shoes broken in. not new.
    sports under wear. enough for 7 days plus.
    sports socks.
    sewing kit, including khaki thread & saftey pins.
    face cloth
    two large towels
    6 to 10 hard wooden coat hangers.
    electric steam iron
    ironing board.
    perminant marker pens to mark your uniforms.
    mobile phone. pre paid is best.
    small torch & batteries
    spare laces.
    personal possesions. ie photos etc
    small radio/tape/cd player.
    2 chubb padlocks
    Boot brushing kit with tons of boot polish (parade gloss)


    National health service card.
    National insurance card
    P45 (if held)
    Birth certificate
    Any legal orders. (relating to custody orders etc.
    Driving licenc.
    Four photos of yourself.(passport type)
    Educatioal qualification certificates.
    Bank account details.( you must have your own bank account before you go in)
    Immunisation records. (from your docs)

    This is from the green book which you should have got at selection. Some may say that you dont need some of the above things but you wont know that until you get there, so best to get them. Look around for the cheapest cost, that way it keeps the price down but it does add up. :( Anyway, I hope this helps you & good luck with basic. My son goes to afc 7th sept. :D
  9. If its on the list, take it. Thats why they give out lists. Simple, very simple. :roll:
  10. For this swearshirt - does it have to say Fuck or Cunt :?

  11. Thats nice.
  12. Ta for the list somerset.
  13. Do you reckon it's important to take an ironing board with you? I'm coming from Ireland and this kind of thing may seem a little cumbersome to be lugging around! Can this wait until I get there?
  14. sidefx,

    You will have to bring your own ironing board, if you do not have a lot of room in your bags to carry them, Ryan Air/Easy Jet will let you tape the ironing board to one of the wings free of charge (sellotape at your own expense).

  15. From what I understand, there are spare ironing boards at camp; however, it's supposed to be a bit of an @rrse using them, as they have to be shared between the whole troop.