Docking again

I have recently had a far from Damascene conversion but I thought I would pop it up for an ARRSE review. I now think that the habitual docking of dogs, for show/KC type purposes is WRONG. I am fed up with the way perfectly good working dog breeds are being ruined by breeders for showing purposes, where the traits and physique being bred in are as much use to a dog handler as a chocolate tea-pot.

I almost punched some toffee-nosed KC type who was lounging around my local pub on Friday. He had two pleasant enough Springers with him, both docked and as it turned out neither working dogs but "show dogs". He then patronised my springer/labrador cross and was quite rude about such misbreeding. I explained that he was on a short path to a slap in the chops, that my dog was twice the gun dog of any pure bred I've owned in the past and that he should in fact wind his fcuking neck in.

Ironically my dog will be having a digit removed from his tail, as the wound in the tail end refuses to heal. It does him no pain but it is open to infection and when he wags it - well think Friday the 13th or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :cry:

So I'm very firmly against docking except when injuries or risks of injury can be satisfactorily proven to the relevant authorities. The KC can go and roger themselves. They are arguably no longer protecting breeds/breed standards and are flying in a very tight circle preparatory to disappearing into inner darkness. :wink:
Mate of mine has a Doberman that isn't docked, absolutely gorgeous looking animal.

I can't see the point either Cuddles, they're born with tails, they should have tails.
The compromise that I'm increasingly noticing is a third docking which aesthetically looks a whole lot better than a fully docked tail; there's nothing worse on a dog than a tightly docked tail, the sight of the barely there stump going nineteen to the dozen is actually rather sad. Coming from and living in a country sports environment I fully appreciate the reasoning behind the practice of docking for certain sporting dogs (but am in the 'rather not' camp) but definitely agree with you Cuddles in that the practice is totally unnecessary in the world of showing. Trouble is, that's just the tip of the problem (excuse the pun), the fervent concentrated breeding in of perceived perfect traits is damaging the health of some breeds and altering them out of all recognition - such as the exaggerated drooping of the jowls and eyes of the Bloodhounds and the squashed snub nose of the Boxer.

The necks on KC showing bods are liable to frequent unannounced extending - my mate's Labrador is from excellent shooting/sporting stock and as such is lithe, narrow and with a more refined head rather than the stockier square headed showing types. Many times I've been challenged as to the authenticity of the purity of his breeding by 'knowledgeable' showing types and many times I've had to resist the urge to stamp on their sensible laced up brogues!
Am in full agreement with all that has been said. However I sit firmly in the camp that agrees in the docking of working dogs. What must be guarded against is the support of initiatives, possibly unknowingly, put forward by the rabid animal rights fraternity.

Make no mistake, their plans have very little to do with the welfare of the animal and are a veiled effort to attack the activities of a 'type of person' of whom they disapprove. The docking of dogs tails debate was cleary an attack on the shooting fraternity - after all there was no mention of the docking of lambs' tails.
Very firmly against docking of Dogs tails, usually done just for aesthetic (sp?) purposes, seen too many dogs done, for the owners whims rather than any other reason.

Always found the KC a bunch of stuck up twats, long may 'scrufts' go on.
My springador got savaged yesterday by a KC perfect Labrador, so he is "awa for ile the day". The dog was obviously badly socialised but his owner, a weekender, was even worse. You can see why weekend cottages get burnt down by disgruntled locals...really.
we have a pedigree boxer that we bought for family dog. after we got her the breeder came to our area for a show so we though we would go see what all the fuss is about.
i could have dropped the first two people we met and the breeder couldn't wait to get her into her car out of the way. we had just had her spayed so she was knackered any way playing with her family but some of the comments such as 'if you enter her into the solid show you would win first prize coz she is the only one here who isnt proper' earned a pint over the head for a one-er. what a waste that was. that was all KC and they are all tossers including the breeder.
on the subject of docking. I just thing of the damage that could be done if she had a full length tail. there are a couple of boxers that we walk out with and from a personal opinion they dont look right. their owners agree.

we walked passed two blokes having an argument as one guys jack russel had had a go at the other guys dalmaition. the old guy with the jack said it takes two dogs to fight but ours walked passed by about 2 meters and the jack had a go, considering ours was taking no notice and wanted to play with the dally, that he was happy to do. she turned around and put this jack on his arse and scared the crap out of him. we all burst out laughing at this and the old guy threatened calling the council until the other guy with the dally said he was the council dog warden anyway and did he want to make an official complain.

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