Do your bit for the firemans strike.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Nov 8, 2002.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ok, I've removed this, due to the unfortunate ructions it appears to have created. Yes, it was funny, but not thought universally so

    Satire or Black humour is, very much like the Curates egg. The target of the satire will 50% of the time, not find it funny at all, as is the case here.
  2. Is that your chip pan on fire?

    Get you sad ex squaddie arsse of this site and pick up your hose, wellies and helmet and get your self back to the trumpton site

    40%, you must be joking I could have a pay rise for being called out every now and again :p
  3. , just remeber even after your attempt at humour who would still come to your family in time of need, do you think we want to take this action?

    You won't be coming to the aid of anyone's family, that's what the strike is about, if you're on strike, it is US, and that includes me who will be coming to the aid of YOUR family. But, I'm bloody sure your oppos will let you cross the picket line, to fire up a Dennis, won't they.

    I asked Ord_Sgt to post a link to this piece, to pre-empt EXACTLY this sort of response. Now if you want to be a diplomat for your fellow firefighters, I suggest the sort of response you show in your later remarks, is just not on, and an apology would not be untoward.

    In response, I will remove , ableit reluctantly, Ord_Sgts firemans strike post, as well as your later angry response.

    In addition, I will pick up the teddy bears head you tore off and threw in a corner.

    If you don't believe, that the British public, are making up ill tempered satirical pieces about the fire service, and their (percieved to be) act of breath-taking greed, then maybe Dr_No's comment, whilst acidic, might be absolutely correct?
  4. So Mr moderator, you condone this type of " humour"?
    I cannot believe that 10 years after leaving the army I get this type of response?
    Remember I am not the one who is putting you up for OP fresco, that is our caring sharing Govt
    Because the action taken will be discontinuous, then yes we will be required to without predjudice save you or your family members.
    I have been on a lot of message boards but never heard of a moderator trying to wind up people like this, and yes you succeded
  5. Dr No your ignorance knows no bounds

  6. Moderator! I expect from you an apology to ALL ff's and family for your article , bet I dont get that
  7. Pongo , you`re so out of touch in the forces . The public love the Fire Brigade and always will . There`ll be the odd 1 or 2 that think we`re greedy , usually well off who don`t like anyone getting a decent wage but themselves .
    You really must get out more , instead of living  the closeted life of a soldier where decisions are made for you . Come into the real world and see life in the U K as it realy is . We see everything that goes on from high life to low life . We`re also f*cking good at what we do , there`s none better .We are worth £30k .
    Now jump in your G.G`s   or get shot at by the yanks in Iraq ,but for f*cksake stop whineing about it .
    As we keep being told "If you don`t like it f*ck off and do something else ."
  8. Can I just say right now that I am neither 'slack jack' nor 'ex sapper.'...before I get the blame!  (nor am I Dr No).  I'm argumentative I'll grant you that, but I've never been known to start a fight with myself!  Yes you have! ....No I haven't!........ You f***ing well have you twat! ....... Outside now!......Right then!
  9. reckon that the odd 1 or 2 will consider you greedy?  Well I am up for first place in that queue!   Any takers for second place?  

    ES....The torching of FF's houses joke was a bit stiff I'll grant you that, but you're an ex squaddie know what the humour is like.  I certainly don't think that it was meant in anything other than jest...........besides, I've heard some great jokes from the Fire fact, a few years ago when I was out the mob, I watched them line up next to a FTA wreck on the A 170 Thirsk to Scarborough (just after we'd removed the deceased), for a group photo!  If the family of the deceased heard about it, well........and I could go on about several deaths at fire scenes over the North East of England, which I attended in a professional capacity, where your colleagues were somewhat less that compassionate...........and some of the jokes during the courses I attended at Teeside and Morton in the different to squaddie humour really, mate.
  10. yep fair one ma, just having a bad day, dont really agree with a moderator putting it on to provoke reaction though
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP


    As an ex squaddie you must of heard of banter.

    It was not meant to be serious and certainly not something I would do. You didn’t actually think it was serious did you? Look up satire in the dictionary.

    I posted it because I thought it was funny and I am sure some others do too the fact you don’t is unfortunate. Peoples taste in humour is wide and varied. You do your cause no good by resorting to personal attacks. As for calling me a remf, well you know nothing about me. Take a chill pill.  ;)

    If it makes you feel any better I did spill coffee all down my shirt :D
  12. Well I thought it was great , Think of another and post it on £30k site .
  13. exsapper, my ignorance may know no bounds but my ability to get you to bite was unlimited  :p
  14. exsapper....

    Yes, I am the moderator for me sins....

    No, I didn't post it.

    Try reading carefully before the redmist comes down.

    I have already offered to remove the offending article.

    In fact I have, and your Teddy throwing comments.

    Now here's the brief. Play nice, or don't play at all.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The moderator did not post it to get a response. What he meant was he wanted me to post a link to the original article so people could see where it came from. As I said I got them from a friend and don’t know where they originate. So please don’t blame PtP. It's all my fault  :p And it was not to provoke a reaction at all I just found it very very funny. I think the Office is funny to ;)