Do your bit for Peace

Seems that the Canajan Government in its wisdom has tried to save the infertile from being exploited.. Under Gov't legislation one may not be financially recompensed for sperm/egg donation or for surrogate endeavours [ womb rentals ]..

Naturally, this has led the various fertility clinics to scream bloody loud at the ' drying up' of their supply.. Seems a goodly number of ' impoverisherd young men in the prime of their lives ' [ i.e underfunded university boys looking for some quick cash for beer night ] have decided not to give up what they previously made a bit of spending money on...

The clinics have had to resort to - horrors- offshore supplies [ mostly US sources for the - ahem - white caucasian non-ethnic ' solution ' ]..

to entice the more established ' mature, married altruistic ' male donor.. the government has coughed up $ 375,000 for a 'study' of marketing methods to elicit this demographic stepping up to fill the -um - breech -with a supply of premium grade manfat to meet market demand..

Eggs from the preferred demographic are harder to come by when the financial reward for giving one up has been removed, as well, as the proceedure for ' harvesting ' requires a bit more effort than that for male donation...

Seems Britain has an established protocol for getting its male population to w*nk for the underfertile and the Canuck bunch are looking at the success rate over 'ome for pointers on how to get men to fill the testtubes after fantasizing over glossies of Pammy and Anjolina in the privvie..

So?.. How many of you would be willing to w*nk to save the world and give some women the reason to live? MDN et al.. fresh donations only - no wringing out of old socks, hankies or wife/girlfriends' bra/shreddies ...
Hmm? A couple of minutes in the quiet room, hand in the vial and walk out with that feeling that shortly thereafter a little version of yourself could be walking the streets of London cell phoning their mates and downloading technocrap music on their iPods while living on the dole..or, possibly running for high political office after meritorious service in the military - and you never knowing it at all..
Sperm banks put ads in college newspapers here. Think about this deal. They shut you in a room filled with porn and a bed and throw you $60 a pop into the bargain. No cameras or one-way glass or anything!!! Have you ever thought you were in the wrong line of work?

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