Do your balls hang low?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Nice plums :)

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    FFS have a word will you? It's fcuking Monday morning FFS.
  3. Works computer won't show the 'naughty picture'. Am I missing much?
  4. Not unless you're into male genitalia!
  5. It depends... if you like the last chicken in Sainsburys look, yes.
    If not no....
    I'm off to get some eye-bleach
  6. Hmmm, slightly curious now! Has he stretched his sack and stapled it to his forehead or something, is that why people are e-vomiting all over the shop?
  7. how gay is this post lolz
  8. Hey, don't laugh at the poor sod. These things are inevitable as you get older. As you youngsters will find out, everything gets wider, hairier and nearer the floor after you get to 30.

    The good news is that when your nuts head south you can have cosmetic surgery to fix the problem.

    Along with manboob reduction, pectoral implants, tummy tucks, bum lifts and anal bleaching, men can now now have 'scrotal reduction' surgery to cause gasps of admiration from anybody who catches a glimpse of your sack.

    Before and after piccies are here.

    Couldn't help noticing that the patient's hands and c*ck also seem to be much smaller in the 'after' picture. Is this some hellish side effect or is there some photoshop shenanigans at play?
  9. Well cheers for that as I hit 30 next week..... Something to ask the misses for
  10. It's Photoshop
  11. because you love that picture so much......

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  12. Thats not like a jock to be sat in a park drinking beer is it!


  13. Carlsberg dont make scotsmen but if they did....