Do you wounder why sometimes...?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by YouDontKnowMe, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. I was sat woundering if anybody out there actually asks themselves the following questions-

    1)-Why do wifes/g/friends of soldiers suddenly go from being 'normal' to 'depressing' in 48hrs? (noticed a recent thread on this exactly)
    2)-Why has divorces in the military gone up since 2003?
    3)-Why do women out there treat you male soldiers like doormats?
    and many other questions asking 'why'

    What led me to ask these questions and join this site resulting in me posting this was SkyNews, the report they did with the wives back home lastnight 19/6/08 (notice no g/f's involved!) telling the soldiers (miserable they looked out there to did'nt they) how they missed each other, ill re-phrase, rather i sat chuckling as one army wife says to her husband ''you have never been cam shy before' :lol: Spot on at least it seems one armywife is not so naive has others may be and the look on her embarassed husbands face as he trys to smile it off,

    I actually have alot of respect for our troops but i have more respect for the women and yes g/f's ARE included in my respect, as they are left back home worried, sleepless nights,bringing up the kids ect, i susspect the list is long and there is not enough hrs in a day to get some time to do what they want.

    I was fed up late lastnight pondering over the 'why' i went searching the net for maybe answers to the question, i have noticed many a post in these forums asking why too, came across these sites ALL with male soldiers some married alot divorced(wounder why haha) some single apparently!
    2) BeNaughty
    3) SexInTheUK
    4) Girls date for free
    5) YouCanGetMe....and many more!
    (limited female soldiers profiles, do the female soldiers have more respect for themselves and for their loved ones back home)

    Im a man of 57years and i noticed how the boys out in Iraq have photos with smiles upon their faces, i wounder why! is it because out in Iraq you have more net access with a cam and free gain to play whilst your out there leading your wives/gfriends who sit worryied back home on the 'i miss you' crap some of you give and they believe. (to someone from the outside looking in your well trained and play real good for the cameras especially the news ones)

    All i can say to the blokes out in Afghanistan is i truly believe that you are missing your wives back home, must be very boring for you with not alot of net access to play and cam with different willing females over the net
    DONT WORRY LADS afghanistan will soon have you with the same smile you have whilst out in Iraq once you too get more 'free' time to play online with more net access.

    Answers the question maybe of why theres so many divorces in the military and why the females out there treat you male soldiers like doormats...."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and also the one of 'why has my wife/g/friend gone to depressing me in 48hrs' and then the troops want our respect what a contradiction in terms!!

    I respect you decent troops and hopefully there are still those out there who stick by your wifes/g/friends through it all as they do you!!
  2. No, you boring skip licker.

    Also, your English is worse than my dog's.
  3. You dont know me, what kind of drugs are you on?
  4. Were you drunk when you posted that YouDontKnowMe? I've read it twice and still can't make head nor tail of what point you're making.
  5. Why do wives of Soldiers change?
    I think you'll find that all wives change after marriage. Added responsibility, the "euphoria" of the first flush of romance wearing off, children, bills....the list is endless.

    Why have divorces in the military gone up?
    I think you'll find they're in line with divorces in other jobs. This is not due to soldiers being soldiers, it's more to do with divorce becoming easier, there not being the same stigma attached to a "failed" marriage as there was 30 or 40 years ago.

    Why do woman treat soldiers as doormats?
    DO THEY?????

    As for the other comments, as soon as I decode them into something resembling english I shall reply to them.
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    edited for my stupidity!

    A well-phrased and thoughtful post, and a good reply to what was essentially gibberish.

    Both sexes change after marriage, some for the better, some for the worse. Some just carry on in a state of ennui, which can be the saddest state of all.

    Divorce is not only more accessible now than it was, but is used more as a first resort of redress than a last resort, as it used to be.

    As for woman treating soldiers as doormats; I actually believe that it is the other way around. I certainly know that when I was serving, my compassion for women was much less than it is now, and I treated some quite disgracefully.
  7. Ha ha, great first post.

    You should change the name from youdontknowme to lurkingfriendlessinandaroundchatsitesinbetweenwankingmyselfintoacomaonpornsitespluckingupthecouragetojoinaninternetdatingservce.
  8. Were you painfully tumescent thinking of their musky genitals nestling twixt their firm thighs?
  9. What in gods name is the above drivel all about? ... I must say, a great first posting if ever there was one! (not) As for me treating my OH like a doormat! (he'd kick my sorry Ass if I did) I suspect you maybe some kind of journo trying to get on the "for Queen and country bandwagon bit"?
    Just thought you'd start a thread asking a few questions and slagging the boys off ... To see where it leads to maybe? Hopefully the hole.
    End of rant JJ
  10. Youdon'tknowme,

    Get the Express into London Waterloo immediately - find Westminster Bridge and get in that water. Take your skool teicher with you.
  11. Thankyou for your replys

    Yes i appologize for dribbling on i was never very good at multitasking. I will reliterate on my point so some may understand alittle better! did'nt realize i would literaly have to spell it out but.

    YOU (a fair amount of soldiers out there) love going to Iraq you get to 'play' behind your wives g/f's backs via many a site across the net and cam whilst they are sat back home thinking your actually working all hours in a day, whilst the boys in Afghanistan dont get that free reign, and dont it show upon there faces! sure they cannot wait to get home as they have had no female stimulation since they went out there,that will change in the future i am 100% sure of that, cannot have you boys loseing your stimulated morale now can we :D

    What i am saying is you are a topic across the net and through many a forum post on many a site, and its not as much aimed at the things you do for 'freedom' but more about the reputation you are gaining for 'playing' behind your partners backs, and then you expect most if not ALL of the UK to give you the respect you deserve.???
    Yes i give my respect but your repetations are well....!

    I am just one bloke who is stating a growing fact, what you need to think is one bloke can do this and think this way, how many more in the UK think it but say nothing at all.
  12. YouDontKNowMe. I think after reading your posts that you are a rejected and bitter ex wife / girlfriend of a soldier, possibly even a one time one night stand who has been left holding the baby.
    You need a life!

    And a spell checker.
  13. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    :lol: :lol:

    Wish I had thought of that!
  14. What have you been injecting/snorting/smoking?
    Have you ever served?
    your point is?
    Have you any scientific/statistical research to back up your drivel?

    Now go crawl back under rock you came from and stay there.
  15. :D classic