Do you wear long-johns?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by annakey, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Of course

  2. Never!


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  1. annakey

    annakey LE

    Why don't more people wear them? There's a stiff, autumnal breeze in south London today and fellow smokers were shivering at the tables outside the cafe where I have afternoon coffee. But I was snug and warm!

    Is it some sort of style fascism? Are they not considered ‘young and trendy’?

  2. The green army ones are an essential part of the "Mutant Ninja Turtle" outfit.

    Anyway you know us squaddies we dont care what it looks like as long as its got a hole for your old boy
  3. I like to wear them under shorts.
  4. dogfondler

    dogfondler War Hero

    Aaahhh!! Kermit legs!!

    (Feels a strange yet familiar stirring in the loins)
  5. annakey

    annakey LE

    I'm jealous. Do the army ones have a flap at the back? Very hard to get on civy street. I asked for them at Primark recently and the girl looked at me as if I was the most disgusting pervert.
  6. Parky_boy

    Parky_boy War Hero

    Love them in a harbour area but forgot and left them on for the ICFT the next morning... betty swollox all round!
  7. annakey

    annakey LE

    I like the pink ones worn by Rooster Cogburn in 'True Grit'. It's a disgrace a pic can't be found on google...

  8. milsum

    milsum Crow

    If all fellas had legs like these, I'd make wearing them a pre-requisite to sticky fumblings.

    Edited to add: Please don't tell me they're on a lady model, else I'll have to have a word with my sexuality. 8O
  9. annakey

    annakey LE

    I'm determined to find a pic of Rooster in his pink ones. That'll quieten you down. :lol:
  10. annakey

    annakey LE

    A barking-mad survivalist from Oregon, in blue. No back flap. :roll:

  11. milsum

    milsum Crow

    Well, it does look a little, er, chilly...
  12. annakey

    annakey LE

    The classic "red union suit" (worn by everyone in Kentucky). Note the back-flap.

  13. as a rule , not any more.......................

  14. annakey

    annakey LE

    Crikey! Damn hippies get in on the act. Is nothing sacred?


  15. milsum

    milsum Crow