Do you want to leave the EU as it stands today!

Do you want to leave the EU as it stands today?

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I) get out

2) stay in

3) opt for a new trading agreement
1 + 3 = 2 winston.................
4. Revert to the Gold Standard?

5. Pull up the drawbridge?

6. Not really bothered?

Btw, bit of a bone question. 'Leaving the EU as it stands today' is a long way of saying status quo.
YES. YES. YES. Was that not clear enough? Then: YES, YES , YES! OUT. OUT. OUT! For the hard of hearing or reading:

OUT. OUT. OUT. OUT OUT and fvck the so-called consequences! OUT. OUT. OUT. OUT.

Those that like dictatorship and corruption, then you may vote to stay in the dishonest shambles of shit.
I'm pro european but I do think the EU needs serious root and branch surgery to revamp it into a democractic entity run by elected representatives who are accountable to voters.
I'm pro european but I do think the EU needs serious root and branch surgery to revamp it into a democractic entity run by elected representatives who are accountable to voters.
Don't hold your breath, the gravy train is fuelled for looooooooooooong distance.
I agree with you and it's the gravy train bottomless pit route that the EU is taking that's going to see it's eventual demise.
I hope and (would) pray that this miracle comes to pass sooner rather than later.
Even though my vote was to get out now, if I could be sure that any new organisation would be truly accountable and not open to the obvious abuses the current EU is suffering, I would be inclined to opt for a new organisation!
Out. Out. Out.

Independence for the United Kingdom! (Or England, if the Sweaty Socks want to collaborate with the old enemy as they have done so often in the past.)

**** me, only today I hear that that toadying little arsewipe Cameron wants to do away with 'British time' and align us to the ****ing continentals.

British Prime Ministers since that treasonous queer git Heath was in No10 seem to be well on the way to achieving what Messrs Bonaparte and Hitler failed to do.

**** 'em all I say. We should stand alone and let them keep themselves to themselves across the Channel. Filthy, dirty, dishonest, corrupt, bunch of children of the rear party, that they are.
I'd trust the Scandos, cloggies and one or two of the ex-east Europeans countries to come in with us on some sort of transparent and efficient voluntary trade & energy alliance, but there is no way the EU colossus and its federal empire-builders can possibly be partly unwound or persuaded to back off their lust for power. Much as I like the PIIGS, they are still generations away from achieving the socio-economic level of the northern industrial countries, and thus cannot be part of any economic bloc. Although we Brits have many common bonds with the French, we have totally opposite traditions of law and democracy - and hence cannot be part of a Federal state together as one or the other would have to ditch about a thousand years' worth of cultural and legal development.

I think the EU has to go, and then the resulting power blocks agree to salvage some of the useful bits from the rubble (e.g. standards system, free movements of goods and services where possible, etc)
Agree with CTD, the likelyhood of anything signicantly changing (to the benefit of the UK)
Is slim to zero due to Business links, as were constantly being informed by our powers at be,

Nothing to with the fact that upsetting the gravy train to improve the UK's independance self would be of any 'real' interest to MEP's

And even if the Coalition get kicked out in favour of another dangerous Labour car crash, they had plenty long enough to address these issues along with many others during their 10+ years in....


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Many a true word, I wonder who the deluded 4 are?
Click on the number of votes. It's a public poll so the voters names will be displayed.

Happy to report that I'm one of the people who voted to stay in.
You got the colours on the results wrong. Get out should be blue, stay in yellow and opt for a new trading agreement one red. It's a better reflection then. ;)
Ha ha ha! 'So-called consequences' - are they the same as consequences?
Good point - well made. I hope I seldom make such a 'Third Form Error' again.

That said, the 'consequences' being proclaimed by the Europhiles are simply not factual; neither are they true.

'Europe' is a busted flush. The Franco/German Axis whose aim was to DOMINATE all of the continent of Europe, has been hoist on its own particularly poisonous petard.

Europe is a sham - a shambles even. It is an expensive charade that in times gone by would have required British infantry to destroy!

Please, please, will any Arrsser explain to me why an organisation has not had its accounts audited and verified for sixteen years, is NOT endemically CORRUPT and CRIMINAL?

Please, tell me why this dishonest gang of expenses guzzling, sewer-rat like shits should continue to slurp my taxes? Please - tell me!!!

I bet I don't get a single explanation. Why? Because there is no explanation!!!!!!!

Wake up ARRSERS, and fight to rid this nation of the excrement in Brussels that is ruling every second of our lives; and doing everything imaginable to destroy what is left of this once proud nation.
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