Do you want to be on GLADIATORS - ARMY vs NAVY?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by g2_loony_bin, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. A good friend of mine is in the process of recruiting candidates for the ARMY NAVY special of Gladiators! He's looking for female types primarily but any males that want to put their names forward all the better.

    I'm asking you, the serving military types I know to spread the word for my mate and get yourselves on...


    PM me if you are genuinely interested. :D
  2. Can I do the 'sink as many pints of Guinness as possible in 2 mins' event? :D

    You can go and swivel if you think I'm wearing lycra though...
  3. Latex?
  4. Do the Navy types get shiny grey suits, a press deal and questions aske in the House when the give up?
  5. Is there a fee, other than the winners prize, for contestants, and what happens if you "break" a gladiator?
  6. No you want neoprene - stronger than latex or lyca.
    Course if theres sinking pints of vodka contests I'm in too.

    Edit because the previous comment was unnecessarily bitchy
  7. Judging by the size of most of them they should rename the programme Excavators.
  8. You're going to break a gladiator? Female or male? :wink:
  9. yeah fuck it, i'll give it a go.

    i'll be called "hippo" :)
  10. Not Steve then? You'll be a contestant. :? You ever seen Gladiators?
  11. Any of you late night bums up for some Gladitorial combat type thing?
  12. No, because in the 90's 2 SNCO's in my unit got turned away 'incase the Army boys injured the special Gladiators'.

    FFS, get a grip.
  13. Thanks for that Dave :roll:
  14. Removed by author on religious grounds