Do you use your phone when you're driving?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. There's a couple of ads running on Danish TV at present as part of a campaign to cut the number of people who use mobiles etc. when they're driving.

    In case you were wondering what it says at the end it's;

    "What do you do when you're driving your car?"

    "Read text messages......"

    "Set your GPS........"

    "Put on makeup....."

    "Write text messages............."

    "Talk on the phone..........."

    And so on, ending with "drive your car when you're driving your car"

    I must admit to talking on my mobile on occasion when I'm driving, but even so I'd definitely draw the line at texting!

    How about the rest of ARRSE, are you all paragons of road safety virtue, or do you put a bag over your head too?

  2. Stopped shagging 10 pint birds years ago mate.
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  3. Try driving on the I-95 corridor in the US...

    Lost count of the number of times I've almost been run off the road by some dozy bint in a huge SUV, who's trying to email someone on her iPhone or post her status on Facebook!
  4. Never ever use my phone whilst driving.

    I have, however, been nearly taken out by BMW/Mondeo driving salesMEN yammering away on their phones whilst going 90mph on the motorway, or quizzing round a roundabout in the the wrong lane.
  5. Anyone using a handheld phone whilst driving needs to have the offending instrument ballistically inserted up their bottom without lubricant..
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  6. Nope, get in the car and the phone gets switched off
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  7. Well maybe you don't live on the I-95 corridor then, as I clearly stated...

    I don't claim that men are blameless, but I have found a much higher prevalence of women using phones (talking/texting/surfing) over here, especially around town.
  8. If I was that important that I needed to talk on the phone instead of drive i'd have a chauffeur.
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  9. I don't own a mobile phone, I do make up for it mind by driving like a bank robber guess that makes us even!
  10. Agreed, most offenders are ♀
  11. I apologise for my sweeping generalisation. Merely reflecting my own experiences, as are you.
  12. Nope, when I pull over for a break, I'll check who called, and possibly call back, or not. If it's important they'll call back.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Almost as bad as people who take both hands of the wheel to try and light a fag.

    Mind shining example last week as a bird in a cop car was swigging out of a Coke bottle whislt pottering along
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  14. The biggest danger on the road is a baby on board sign. Any car with one of those seems to be driven by a stupid ****.
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  15. ******* saints the lot of you
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