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I have spent the last few hours looking through different threads on a variety of subjects, and have seen both pros and cons for many different threads.

However, as an ex military person I believe that I think in a certain way.

I believe that I have a 'bond' with other military people and veterans, and that I will support our troops in what they do; and feel sadness when we 'lose one of us'. I am still a strong believer of the 'military family' ethos.

I also feel proud of those who have gone before us, and feel that by showing respect to the fallen on one day a year is not only a courtesy, but the bare minimum that anyone can do to show their 'respect'.

To all those Walts, Journalists, visitors from the civilian world and others who do not 'really' understand, please remember, if it wasn't for those people you see in the black and white films standing in trenches, those walking over the Falklands, or in the sun, the sand, the snow and every other theatre, LIFE MAY BE VERY DIFFERENT!

It is at times like this when I feel very envious of the Americans!! They respect their service people and show them respect at every opportunity. When in the US, I feel proud to have served in the British Army because of the respect they (the military and civilians) have for the British Army as well as their own!

Back to the point: There are so many threads that seem to want to disrespect our past, present and future servicemen and women. Threads that seem to be written by people who do not understand the military from the 'inside' and many of you who have not witnessed or suffered a loss of a colleague.

May I please appeal to your decency and 'BEG' your "Support our Servicemen and Women"; they have a hard enough job without you having a go when you have not experienced what they do on a daily basis.

White poppy's my ARRSE?

Rant over, and thanks for reading down this far!

too early in the day for walts

yes - i agree with you that there is a common bond between all who have served.

but always remember:-

ARRSE is therapy 8)
welcome to my world :D

I dont care if Im unPC - im honest if nowt else (but not racist)

let the demons out
NO!, I'm Sparticus! :p

sorry - forgot golden rule-

serious = current affairs
morale= NAAFI bar

as service personnel - we protect the ignorant from the tyrant, and we set ourselves aside and live our lives by a code of self discipline different to that of joe public. Not better, not worse - just disciplined
Would things be different today had Bush and Blair had military experience and moreso, experience in the shxteholes of Islam?
That's a terrible insult of a brave fighting man! When the Vietnam War was at it's hieght, Bush bravely volunteered to defend Texas from the VC!
SirIsaac said:
Would things be different today had Bush and Blair had military experience and moreso, experience in the shxteholes of Islam?
That is the 64K question, IMHO the answer can only be a resounding YES.

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