do you trust uk food producers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by l/cpl_blowhard, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. here we go again farming & the food industry at its best. BSE, INFECTED EGGS, FOOT N MOUTH, NOW POULTRY , :thumbdown:
  2. If it's cooked properly there's no danger. Cheap chickens & turkeys - brilliant!

  3. I don't think it's just the UK. Apparently a certain chain here in Canada buys meat close to its selby date and re-packs it. A bit like Wetherspoons pubs and their ale i suppose

  4. I've never got completely off my face, nicked a Beemer and puked in a coppers hat after eating a dodgy Turkey breast though.
  5. I had a quiet night in this evening with a bottle of JD and a crate - ordered myself a chinese that any fatty would think twice about trying to tackle. Needless to say most of it is chicken, and if it tastes nice I'm not bothered.
  6. Surely if its cooked properly....happy days?

    I though that cooking was supposed to kill off all the germs, hence why we cook food rather than just eat it as our canine teeth say we should?
  7. If it does survive cooking then it will sort the wheat from the chaff. Darwinian theory in the best kind of practical application.
  8. As soon as i heard about the Bernard Matthews u.k. outbreak
    i went straight in to the freezer and everything with this brand name on it i threw out in the bin i have no confidence in the company now
  9. I did the same thing warrant, though not before killing everyone i knew who was called Bernard or Matthew. I don't know any Bernards though so i had to ask at the local British Legion as it's a name for old codgers. I will never eat poultry again, nor shall i rest until every Bernard and all Matthews of the world are dead.
  10. aye your right heat will kill this virus, but its another example of the lack of hygiene in these farms/food processing plants in england :thumbdown:
    look at the bse fiasco, no fcuker knows! or the government is not saying, what the long term impact will be on the poor buggers in england who scoffed this infected beef

    the only good thing about all these outbreaks is they happened in england :thumleft: , we dont import meat from over the border we have loads of good local produce,, apart from lice infected salmon in a few lochs which we sell to london hotels and restaurants , we are laughing :headbang:

    anyone for a nice big bucket of KFC :headbang:
  11. I'm sure your freezer was full of turkey twizzlers you pikey chav.

    That food you've binned could have been sent to the starving masses in Africa you selfish twat.
  12. noticed in TESCO's earlier this week

    'Bernard Matthews' just about all branded products half price or less
    Now if that doesn't kill them off , then i'm Gerald Ratner
    and so's my wife..
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I never have trusted mass produced food and always buy locally from the farm shop or go and shoot it myself. My freezers are always full of game. The wife does shop at supermarkets but thats because of stuff such a bleach etc. We make our own breaad and are considering getting some bantams in.
  14. Home made bread is much better - especially for a monster bacon sarnie. You can make the bread as big as you want!
  15. What concerns me more than anything is the fact that for years Bernard Matthews advertised itself as selling "Norfolk Turkey". Now we find out that the stuff is being imported from Hungary, thus putting British Turkeys out of work.

    I'm no fan of the products, never have been, but I will make a point of NOT buying them again because anyone who is creating jobs overseas when they could be providing work here should be penalised.

    I do buy foreign foods and foreign beers when I want to, if I fancy but I prefer to buy British. Same goes for any company who starts an overseas call centre - I will never do business with them and I'll tell them why, already have done on a few occasions.