Do You Think This Sigs Forum Should Be Scrapped?

Do You Think This Sigs Forum Should Be Scrapped?

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After Disco our very (Cough) Pro-Active (Cough) Moderator has made it aware he is considering scrapping this Forum, thought we'd better get some public opinion.

Also Please leave any comments on how this Forum can be improved with regards to the growing whinging problem.

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any chance you add a split the forum up option into a RSigs NAAFI and RSIgs all ranks mess? (or something similar)

(you'd just need to edit ur original post)
Well Dr Feltcher another well thought out post, one to be put next to your "is your Foreman fat" some truly great contributions keep em coming.
How about stopping the pitiful pathetic back biting and winging on the only grounds that "he's done better than me", or "Why are we treated like children?"

The answers to the two questions are 1. because they haven't sat there and winged and they didn't expect the world to owe them a life, and 2. If you act like children, you'll be treated like children. Take a look through some of the threads and see how pathetic it makes the corps look. It's better to not have a forum than to look that bad to be honest. You are after all supposed to be from one of the more intelligent corps in the army, try showing a little maturity and proving it and leave the bitching in the NAAFI.


Well said plant pilot. It makes me ashamed to be associated with the corps sometimes when I read some of the cr*p on here!
With regards to the growing whining problem the solution is simple, Fecking ignore it the last thread theat is considered a whine was 1 original post that was a blatant fish for a bite then 10 pages of people gobbing off about how you should stop complaining and act like a soldier. The whines will appear and the trick is to ignore them and they go away fairly fcuking sharpish. And as for whinging Dr feltcher if you look at your 10 posts every fcuking one of them is a whinge of some sort so maybe you should look at yourself before you start laying into others.
Yes I agree the odd moan I do enjoy, Banter too.

But like you said Bully, if people don't like the whingeing..... IGNORE IT. We only add fuel the fire by replying to or slating these posts.

I just believe Disco has over-reacted to this situation.

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