Do you think this is a good idea?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. I was just having a quick browse on the net, when I found this:

    As part of a recruitment campaign, the Danish Hjemmeværnet (part-time military) are offering Ipods as competition prizes.
    I've no idea if this idea has had any success nationwide, but we've been getting more new recruits through the door than normal.

    Are prizes the way forward?
  2. “Join the army and we’ll give you a free I-pod”


    “Here’s a quick competition on our web sit, you could win an I-pod if you play. Oh by the way it’s an army web site, would you like to join?”

    hummm…. I can’t really see it working.
    Have you asked your recruits if the idea of a free I-pod had anything to do with them coming in ?
  3. I think people prefer cold hard cash to prizes to be fair, but if it works for the Danes then thats all the better for them.
  4. Good idea but what would be the cost???? And for how long do we do it for??
    Is it sign on the dotted line or is it Pass out of Basic and here you go??
    I think it should be upon entry into the real Army, maybe we seem to lose more recruits at Phase Two than at Phase One.

  5. It's the second option.

    Up till now, our recruits have had quite an age spread ca. 18-35, but nearly all the recruits we've got so far this year are under 20.

    In general I think the ad campaigns over here are pitiful efforts, where the text tries to put paid to the 'Dad's Army' image, and at the same time the photos are of old farts smoking their pipes, but something seems to be working anyway!
  6. I would have thought that the type of people who are attracted to the army by the prospect of getting a free I-pod probably wont stay in for very long.
  7. True, if they're only in it for freebies they're not going to stay..........

    ...........but there's always the chance that they might actually enjoy the challenge, and decide to stay after all!

    Okay, I'm an optimist!!
  8. oh I don't know..where do I sign up..and for how long..

    Lets see, Hjemmeværnet, Free Ipod,
    US National Guard $90,000 and a green card as well.
    TA, bugger all and Bliar.
  9. And I’m just cynical :wink: