Do you think they could do one in Green?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chrisg46, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  2. I dont think there is anything new in this, if I remember Silvermans used to sell a German or Norgy Army item similar in concept, many years ago.
  3. Didn't the German parachute lot have sleeping bags that could be walked in?
  4. The Canadian tank suit that was issued to us in Bosnia in 1995 was just like a walking sleeping bag - I slept in it quite a few times and only suffered from cold feet and hands
  5. I had one of the German ones - sleeping bag with arms in it and a horizontal zip at knee height. You used it just like an everyday maggot, then when you need a p1ss at o'dark-thirty, you poke your arms down the sleeves, undo the knee-zip and poke your leggies out. Wander off into the gloom still toasty, do the business and reverse the procedure when you return.
    Drive in it, cook in it, stag-on in it (surrepticiously) - absolutely fcuking brilliant.

    However, it proved to be somewhat sh1t when I nodded-off whilst smoking in it. Only the lightning reactions of my comrades stamping all over me whilst fighting back tears of laughter saved me from looking like a sofa in one of those old fire-brigade adverts.

    Unlikely that they're not fire-proofed these days, but watch out if you buy a surplus one.
  6. I thought these were amazing when I saw them but the temp range is awful. Better off sleeping in softy jacket and trousers.
  7. A wearable, yes wearable, sleeping bag.
    Put this snugly suit on like you would an all in one ski suit and zip yourself up.
    An integral hood to keep your bonce toasty warm.
    Have full movement of all your limbs so you can wander around in your Selk.
    As tested by the European EN 13537 standard the sleeping bag can withstand a temperature as low as -8.4 degrees Celcius - chilly!
    The suit lining is made from soft touch nylon.
    The suit is padded with Polyester Hollow Fibre Bonded filling.
    Choose from Army Green, Yellow, Brown or Red in colour.
    Suitable for ages 16 years+.
    Weight: 1.68kg (S/M) or 1.97kg (L/XL).
    Available in Small-Medium (ideal for heights of around 1.80m) or Large-Extra Large (ideal for heights of 2m).
  8. This is the problem you have with these things. I decided to man it up on an exercise 2 springs ago and went for softy suit inside a bivi bag.

    I've never done it since. Not even in summer!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  10. Half sleeping bags were popular for alpine climbing in the 60s - 70s. Duvet jacket for the top, 'pied d'elephant' for the bottom.

    ALPKIT are doing one now - prefer the full thing myself.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Looked at that & it even has a dump feature:

  12. I wouldn't want to risk it either! Have to admit though, under a set of combat covvies, when the CTCS has gone to pot, they are an awesome bit of kit! Gutted when mine was pinched... :x
  13. How cold? British cold?

    I had one 20 odd years ago when I was a cadet and it performed well.

    I recently bought a new, latest pattern one, which has an all round, detachable waterproof outer (Bit like a bivi bag, but not MVP) and it seems very warm.

    I like the look of this walking bag though. I like to sleep in the shape of swastika anyway and I find the 'mummy' position uncomfortable.
  14. Rab still make a down version and its very popular with people who like walking to the South Pole. The Rab suit has flaps in all the important places
    btw - it costs a small fortune
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Jarrod's corect, they're utter shite in cold weather, even without using the sleeves they're gipping.
    We were gibbering in the North German winter when we used these things with the outers. (Which were always available.)

    They've not been on Box issue for years, the reason they're on the civvy market is because they're crap and were unloaded by the Wehrmacht.