Do you think the British military gets less respect than it deserves?

Generally speaking I get the impression that the Americans respect the French and German militaries more than they respect the British military.

Look on any Youtube video about the British military and the comments are always basically Americans insulting the UK and vice versa.

Look at any Youtube video about the French, German military and its always stuff like "French/Germans are our brothers in arms!", "Who says the French aren't tough!" "Vive la France!", etc.

As I said, I get the impression the Americans don't rate the British military very highly.


No, its just that the other ******* have no thorough command of the English Language, so its easier to insult us, and patronise the others.

Hope this helps.
You've been on here since december and you post this about what 12 year olds say on youtube? slow learner arent you. id expect the incoming of abuse in the morning haha
Not another thread about sandwich fillings and what constitutes an 'egg banjo'!!

I quite like Pastrami.
Matematik, you're on my ignore list (Matematik meet Ciggie) so I can't read your post, and I'm pleased that nobody thus far has quoted you.

But I'm willing to bet that it's yet more of your childlike dribble. Why are you on this site?

Because it's Int Cell, I will refrain from calling you a ****.
Not another thread about sandwich fillings and what constitutes an 'egg banjo'!!

I quite like Pastrami.
Pastrami in an egg banjo? I tried fried ham once, but then I realised I wasn't in the cookery forum.

The "Boiled egg squashed between a slice of bread" with oily thumb prints works.

Mark The Convict

*checks forum* Hello again mathematik, thank you for enriching all our lives with a characteristically impartial, dispassionate, incisive, timely, brave, witty, humble, sexy and entertaining thread.

I beseech you to post such threads as often as possible, and remember, if you should get banned/tagged/ROP'ed by one of those horrid, vulgar, spiteful Moderators - it's a gross injustice, and we seethe with righteous outrage on your behalf.

We are pathetically grateful for your immeasurable and timeless contribution to the site.

Thank you again.

Westpoint likes this.

Mark The Convict

If this were the cookery forum, I could admit that I'm having steak and vegies for dinner. But it isn't, so I can't. Just as well I didn't.
Hey, convict one, if your nicking down the shops can you grab us a half pound of firm ripe cooking tomato's. Oh ****, your right this isn't the cookery channel and/or forum. Apologies.
Every meal is always good when washed down with some bevvies and in the company of friends. ****, listen to me, sound like some poncy food critic.
Easy enough to do, just remember the following phrases: Passion for food, freshly sourced local seasonal ingredients/ locally sourced fresh seasonal ingredients, with a raspberry coulis, quite a rustic dish, and deglaze the pan. You'll have your mates thinking you're a **** in no time.

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