Do you think the BNP is responsible for TA cutbacks?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bolo-Driller, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Is it not strange that the sudden rise in BNP chat is timed to coincide with the TA cutback announcement?

    Is "The Griffin" to blame?

    Is it all a Government conspiracy?

    Is the Driller bored and decided to marry up our 2 favourite topics EVER in an attempt to get a reply worded "FFS NOT ANOTHER TA/BNP THREAD!!"
  2. FFS not another BNP/TA thread!

    There you go.Hope that helps.
  3. Where is the poll?
  4. Bolo-driver is this an attempt at humour or what?

    and the mods say i post drivel

  5. Do keep up, you are mixing up your extremists.
    Its the Communists in the Cabinet that have implemented TA cutbacks, its the Fascists on the telly that are bringing the end of civilisation.
  6. Driver? Jackass!
  7. Yes together with robbie williams... Well its about as sensible as another BNP thread
  9. Driver? Jackass![/quote]

    Bend and drive.

  10. Bend and drive.[/quote]

  11. PURE CLASS! :D[/quote]

    I thought with a name like that you may like that one.