Do you think the Argies will try to invade the Falklands?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by plonker762, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. Now that everyone in the world thinks that the British government does not have the stomach for a just war against Syria, do you think that the opportunist junta in Argentina might decide that there is no better time to reclaim the Malvinas? It makes sense. We do not have the carriers and we are stretched to buggery in Afgan. We have a pact with France for them to supply us with aircraft carriers if we really need them, but were they not the same country which supplied the argies with exocet and super entendards?
  2. The Malvinas? Never heard of them
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  3. Lazy Journo. Naughty.

    Now fuck off.
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  4. With what fucking ships would they ship their troops across?
  5. Corned beef is so expensive these days it's not worth buying.

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  6. Never Go Full Retard - YouTube
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  7. Snort some ketamine and take a blow torch to your feet
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  8. I think they've more chance of invading the Falklands in an a second attempt at an aggressive war of conquest using pedalos (those that haven't been mistakenly arrested by confused Operation Yewtree police), exploding tins of Fray Bentos and an SF troop of suicide ninja penguins than you have of getting away from this thread without being roundly abused for failing to use the search function to discover that this has been done to death so often it appears that Jesus turns up every now and again to resurrect what appeared to be a very dead topic so as to drive fans of a small STOVL aircraft that we do not mention (Peace Be Upon Its cold nozzles) to paroxysms of angst...
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  9. I have thought long and hard about this, and the simple answer is fucking retard
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  10. Oh No Not this shit again.jpg
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  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    seeing as we now lack the ability to retake portishead boating lake Dave maybe has the right idea to hold us back incase the crazy bitch is crazy enough to try something. otherwise we will end up asking the US to take it back for us in return for more british deaths on arab soil.
  12. Considering the argentine navy let a ship sink while tied up at dock had one ship impounded by bailiffs and another stuck in south africa while they scrounged up enough cash for spare parts because the germans wanted cash up front.
    Cant see the RIC getting any target practice followed by tea and medals
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  13. Get some facts and then come back and ask the question.
  14. Explain to us all how it is a Just War you plonker?
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