do you think its right????

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by lil_sapper, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. i joined dog sqn 8 months ago and was told to buy a sandy t-shirt for pt which i did so... about 2 months later we got a new badge and he said right were not in the fookin desert only the new green sqn t-shirts are accedptable. so now ive been made to buy 2 different shirts for one purpose???????? confused or whingin????
  2. Get a f@cking life sprog :evil:
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  3. ask for a G10 interview with Badge , ! He´ll help you out !

  4. You being a good sapper..........have a night out with 32 Eng Regt or 26 Sqn RE.......I am sure they will tell you what to wear in the fookin desert
    .......think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. sprog??? i been in for 6 years i said i just got to dog..

  6. whingin, def 'lil_sapper'.....

    ......lucky for you M***y Bl*m****t or I** K*nn**r arent there, really can't see much of an argument over which Sqn t-shirt with them two :omfg: or come to that with any of the err 'more forthright' Corp Members that have graced Dog over the years.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

    now be a good little sprog and go get the bell rung... for asking bone questions ....

    this was a wah, wasent it?

  7. ah emm..... 6 years? .... sprog, nuff said. :)
  8. Ever seen Heartbreak Ridge.....
  9. Ahh 6 years you sweaty bstard you must have the Sqn in awe of you
    Get a life twat
  10. Now now lets play nice people.... get a grip u T*t and stop asking bone questions. Get on with it, you aint in training anymore you are in the real world now!!
  11. It's unfortunate that you've had to spend a bit of dosh buying a new T shirt. I genuinely do appreciate just how **** that is, having had to do the same at almost every posting ive had. Just grin and bear it

    Chin Up Fella. If you dont like it, hand your bedding in.

    6 whole big years.. Jeezus! Ive got bootlaces with more service time than you. :wink: :lol:
  12. Are you for real?? If you are in Dog, you would surely say First Field anyway..that aside if all you've got to worry about is a t-shirt and it's relative cost, you have clearly got f#$k all to worry about at all. Be thankful you sissies can wear t-0shirts and not KF shirts done up to the neck. Get a grip, if you can't get a grip, get a holdall.
  13. 6 years deffo a sprog still, by then I had a drawer full of t shirts one from every tour out of the uk, normally 2 tours per year plus the Sqn t shirt for when we all had to wear the same.

    Get a life especially if you want to be one of the respected members of Dog Sqn
  14. chinny up

    sprogs these feckin days dont know whats hit em (yet)
  15. Fatbadge !!! "6 whole big years.. Jeezus! Ive got bootlaces with more service time than you."

    Fcuking classic
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