do you think i got anychance in getting in army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andy2322, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Been worried all day today.because I applied to re-join army twice in last few years and did not go through with it because of family comitments.afco said I was a high risk and told me to come back in you think I have fucked up getting in.
  2. From what ive been told mate yes you might have done, the army want people who are completely commited to joining so if you have applied once or twice and pulled out they will look upon it badly

    Best thing you can do if you actually want to go in this time is apply, explain why you cancelled your application last time/s, show you want it 110% and then just hope everything goes alright
  3. Chap didn't you ask this already but in a thread that got deleted? Just go to your AFCO chap they have all the answers for you.
  4. Andy,

    This question has already been answered. Your potential employer is now in the most excellent position of picking and chosing potential employees. As such, young men such as yourself, who can't make up their bleedin' minds are at the back of the queue and will remain there for some time. So, in essence, you have very much screwed your chances of getting in the British Army any time soon. Thanks for playing.

    Your Friend,

  5. ok thanks lads.will keep my fitness up.
  6. What I've heard though is if you start multiple threads on the same subject on ArRSe, the ACIOs eventually just go with whichever ArRSer gives you the most hope of getting what you want.

    Keep your fitness up, and come back in November..... but don't burn your brdiges to civvies strasse just yet.
  7. I've canceled an application to be an Officer recently. I'm planning to go into the AFCO this week to start an application as a Soldier, which I've decided I would much prefer. I didn't fail AOSB or anything with the Officer application, and all I want is to join the Army. It looks from this like my indecisive ******* about is going to screw me over. Is it likely to? I'm sure this is a question best for the AFCO, but I've got my knickers in a twist over it now.
  8. Well to be honest, Just explain why you retracted you're appplication to be an officer and it can't be much of a problem. In theory you've not applied then stopped then applied again for the same job. You've just decided that you would rather go into the army a different way.

    All the same, Im no authority on the subject, but the logic behind my answer is pretty straight forward thinking.
  9. It will not be a problem, in truth the AFCO will probably be rubbing their hands as it will be a statistic for them over the Officer recruiting cell :D
  10. Mate,

    Simply blacken your face with boot polish, wrap a turban around your head, sound completely intelligible and tell them that your dad is a "Community Leader" from a local EM group.

    You will be in the Army quicker that shit off a shovel!
  11. Stop being a dick, EM's are not getting into the Army any quicker than anyone else, they are actually restricted more than any indigenous UK applicant.

    Get the facts right first before you head down the racism route ;)
  12. Fivetodo:

    It was a joke NUMBNUTS!
  13. Can you stop a bullet? Yes? You're in!
  14. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    It wasn't particularly funny though, was it? Take it somewhere else.