Do you support the Home Nations?

Do you support the home nations during sporting tournaments?

  • Yes, rule Brittania

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  • No, England for the English, Scotland for the Scots etc

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  • Only after my own Country are knocked out

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  • I support anyone but England

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  • Tournaments end for me the moment my own country are eliminated

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Do you support the home nations during sporting tournaments? I have always looked out for how the home nations fair during sporting tournaments, be it football, rugby, cross country vacuum cleaning or whatever, what about the rest of you?


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I always support the Home Nation. The rest E,W,I can take a hike. :wink:
As far as I am concerned, it is England first, with Scotland, Wales & NI a close second. It was great to see Scotland turning over the French a few weeks ago, for example.
I even have the occasional soft spot for the ROI!
What does p*ss me off is when the lads and lasses north of the border dress up in the sports tops of England's opponents on match days. Some will say it is only friendly rivalry/banter, but I have experienced it at close hand and with some individuals, it is anything but.
No doubt carrying my opinions on this matter on from other threads.

Yes, I do.

Always support a British Nation over any other.

In the event of England V another home nation, then I support England.

Other HN v Other HN then I remain neutral (until the finals minutes then root for the team in the lead!!! :p )
Yes I will always support any home nation against all other foreign teams except if there playng England.

Just like if a English football team was playing against a foreign team. I hate Arsenal (due to being mainly French)in the domestic game of football but will still support them against a foreign team in Europe.
craftsmanx said:
Absolutely, Wales first then any HN against foreigners (I don't consider E,S & NI foreign)
Your reply came up just as somebdy voted anyone but England you little tinker...... go on admit it was you :? :? :? :wink: :D
Definitely although there were moments during the last (football) world cup when I considered digging my Scotland rugby top out of the cupboard for safety. There are people who take their National Pride/Patriotism too far in any country but it does tend to be the Scots who you see in this light more often. Me, born in England so they come first, if they aint there then its whoevers left with the best chance out of the Home Countries.

After the bollox that we get from the Jocks, Taffs and Paddys, they can kiss my arrse.

I hope the Jocks qualify for the Euros though, as it will mean that either Italy or France won't be there, so making the competition a bit less daunting.
As for European Footer, I will cheer any English team on before any dirty foreign Johnny.
Upto the age of 18 I supported two teams. Scotland and any one playing against England, but I grew tried of always supporting the loosing team. Now I support Scotland and ANY GB team against Johnny Foreigner.
Yes. England first for me as I'm English, but I always support the other home nations when England aren't playing.

Slightly off thread but I couldn't help experiencing a slight Schadenfreude when reading in today's paper about the numerous Kiwis who'd shelled out £4,000 on 'semi-final and final only' trips to France.

I've got nothing against Kiwis but there's a hint of arrogance in booking tickets for only the semis and finals before the group stages have even begun.
Forever and always Wales, then Scotland, NI and even the bloody Lithuanians before the English.

British by birth, Welsh by the grace of god.

Can't beat a bit of patriotism.
Once England (and English clubs in Europe) are knocked out of any tournament it's end-ex for me. If other Home Nations get through and we don't, bully for them. I prefer a good movie instead.

From personal experience Edinburgh is not a nice place for an Englishman to be. Don't get me wrong, work-placed banter is fine and should be encouraged, but to get grief on a regular basis from complete strangers whilst out on the lash (and even on occasion from a Tesco's trolley collector believe it or not - his Duty Manager said he had Tourettes; aye righto!) does wear a bit thin. I blame Mel McGibson. Now the only time I have to visit Scotland is to use the A75, on the way through.

Unless you're really good at hiding your English accent, don't go to Dumfries...or Kelso...or East Belfast...or Strabane...or Wrexham...or Swansea...or... :eye:

Sorry, rambling again. My answer's "No".
I always had a England first then any of the others (including Ireland)

However, after 2 years as a PSI in Scotland, I was genuinely shocked by the ‘hate’ of all things English that certain parts of the population had.

So now unless a Liverpool player is playing for Scotland, I couldn’t give 2 hoots how they get on :D :D

Still support the others though
ENGLAND always, sod the rest.We should enter the Olympics as ENGLAND.
England first followed by any team playing the Welsh, scots or Irish unless its Australia and then I hope that its a draw. I do this because like so many other englishmen Im sick to death of the HN cheering on any team playing England
CAARPS said:
However, after 2 years as a PSI in Scotland, I was genuinely shocked by the ‘hate’ of all things English that certain parts of the population had.
Two years with 2 (City of Dundee) Signal Squadron (V). Cracking bunch of lads in the unit, some of the others weren't as cracking.

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