Do you support gen. McChrystal?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Could not agree more

  2. In fact he is right

  3. On some points, yes, support

  4. Rather do not support

  5. Absolutely disagree

  6. He is a traitor

  1. Was gen.McChrystal right in his estimates?
  2. I don't much care but he was a twit to spout his views in front of journalists. Keep that kind of thing in the mess if you have to keep it anywhere.
  3. This can go with the 4 other "outrage" thread I suppose!
  4. Of team Barry. Largely yes.

    Am I impressed with his political judgment, control of his staff and gob? Not at all especially around a briefly visiting journo not a house broken embed. Should Barry have fired him and put a slicker political like Gen. P in his place? Yes, immediately. Should Barry also fire some of the folks Stan&Co panned? Certainly.

    This wasn't like McArthur traitorously trying to widen a war to China against the wishes of his CIC just a very able soldier lacking the full spectrum of abilities needed at this rank. In some ways its sadder for that.
  5. Absolutely agree with him. He may have made a mistake by talking in front of a reporter, however, he is correct in his assessments. I'm actually, imagine this, quite displeased with Obama. I thought he didn't wanted people who locked step with him and wanted differing opinions, etc. I guess he does not.
  6. The Custer comparison is ludicrous. As Generals go Stan wasn't much of a megalomaniac and Gen P. is a far better conman as Barry is about to discover.
  7. Sorry what are we supposed to get from an old urine reeking blogger? Con Artist? Why? never explained
  8. How many of us have not mouthed off about the people we work for? It is just unfortunate that he chose to do so in front of a journalist. The press and media industry should be about providing balanced information, but in the real world it selects the things that make up a good story, or try to influence public opinion. If the aim is to expose a flaw and set things right, then I suppose you cannot argue about what happened here.

    On balance I support him, as he seems to be a competent soldier whose talents should not be wasted. He may even emerge a better general for this experience. I do not think his loyalty is in doubt just because he was unhappy with some of the people around him. IMHO he ought to be given a quiet desk job counting blankets until some really crappy job comes up where he can redeem himself.

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  9. Colonel David Hackworth did a similar thing over the Vietnam war, he went public via the media and had his arse dragged back to the States to be publicly disgraced and sacked, the fact he was the most successful combat leader in Vietnam carried no weight, McChrsytal has gone the same way, a popular and effective soldier who spoke his mind is now looking for a new job, some toady will be made the boss, the real problem being this new guy will have control of Nato troops.
  10. If anyone thinks that this General does anything by 'mistake' they need a proper reality check. Interviews don't happen by accident. He knew exactly what he was saying and now Obama can move on a little in changing policy and bring them home. Simples.... And anyone believes Obama and thinks that it's just a change in personnel but not policy can join up with the others for a reality check...
  11. Hackworth resigned, he wasn't sacked, and he wasnt the most successful US Leader in Vietnam by a long shot.

  12. Sorry your right, he did resign, though reluctantly.
  13. Must admit, that's exactly what I thought.

    I would imagine (and hope) that even though he is a SPAM, that to get to his rank took a little bit more than just being able to shout loudly and complete a couple of command tasks.

    The guy is obviously very intelligent and politically savvy and must have been aware of the ramifications of both his and his underlings words.

    Protest vote / springboard into politics / becoming a lobbyist / having a get out clause before it all goes pear shaped following Obamas planned pull out / genuinely supporting the men under his command? Who knows.

    Except him, I bet he knows exactly why he did it and exactly what the end result would be.
  14. Have you been living under a rock or do you just make statements not in touch with the reality of the individuals you're posting about?

    He already had a trip to the woodshed for a leak last year. This was a stupid mistake made by the general's PR man (Duncan Boothby, who has since resigned). His staff let a reporter in to the inner circle while many were drunk.

    Not only will McChrystal be put out to pasture but many on his staff will be replaced and/or have their careers hit a speed bump because of this. Everyone I know who has worked with him knows he wouldn't have done that them.

    As for policy change. At least spend a minute researching before posting: McChrystal was Petreaus' man pushing P's doctrine.