Do you support Camerons apologies?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Absolutely

  2. Rather support

  3. Partially support

  4. Rather don't support

  5. It is a wrong action

  6. Stupidity on the highest scale

  1. In politics, you can stand up and say "that man is a liar/idiot/wrong" or whatever, be asked to apologise, make your apologies and sit down. The point is, you meant what you said when you made your accusation, but you were only mouthing the words when you apologised. I do not think that Mr. Cameron was just going through the motions this time though, because everything must balance. In army terms, you've had the s**t, so now you get the sugar.
  2. No.
    I don't think he quite realises the can of worms that's been opened with this thing.
  3. He's upset some ex-squaddies on ARRSE. Whoopdeefuckindoo.
  4. Yes. This was a shameful event in British Army history. He was right to apologise on behalf of the Country.
  5. Interesting comments on R4 this morning, about hierarchy of victims and hierarchy of perpetrators. Adams and McGuinness will never face prosecution for the people they murdered but apparently the armed forces are held to higher account for being agents of the State. Adams and McGuinness are now other agents of the State, but apparently all is forgiven.
  6. Fixed that for you...I agree wholeheartedly, however much I don't like having to.
  7. I'll fully support Mr Cameron's apology when the likes of Adams and McGuinness apologise for the murderous campaign their friends in the IRA and PIRA carried out.

    Unfortunately, I think I'll either be pushing up the daisies or contributing to global warming before that happens.

  8. A little more than that.
    The flood gates have now been opened for compensation claims against the government, and i wouldn't be surprised if the nationalist/republican community demand an equivalent inquest into every 'innocent' killed during the troubles. Every scumbag and relative of said scumbags will be expecting the same verdict, while those responsible for the murder of soldiers and truly innocent civilians are permitted to sit in positions of power in Stormont.
    This is balls, complete and utter balls.
  9. So, what are you going to do about it?
  10. I would imagine the guys on the day were carrying more than enough lead to shoot dead a hundred times that many people so the fact that only fourteen got the good news is perhaps testament to their restraint. And besides, these guys love having martyr songs sung about them so whats the fecking problem.
  11. You tell us Rufus, what can we do?
  12. Remember Tony Bliar kicked this off in 1998. After 13 years, £191m and a "result" rather difficult to see how he could do otherwise.

    Still stinks though.
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Exactly. Blair the closet Catholic.
  14. He had to make this apology, at least he didn't try to compare the confused actions on BS with the evil intentioned actions of the IRA. I hope he doesn't try to suck up to them like Blair did.
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